Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Great Digital Resources & Worksheets For Every Student

We get to review CHSH Download Club by and it has been proving to be quite a great resource for any family, regardless of schooling background. 

This is something that I thought would be helpful because in this day and age where we have come to realise that kids learn different ways (one of many reasons parents choose to home school) we need something that we can download and print only what we need instead of getting an entire book for two worksheets.
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I downloaded the "I am thankful" note-booking page and plan to use it to celebrate Thanksgiving with my kids. And then teach them the history of it.

We live in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area (from here out will be called DMV). We have the Clara Barton park which I have yet to visit (I know, bad me). But they have an awesome worksheet on Clara Barton and her role in the American Red Cross. I think it is super cool! This one I am going to download to view, and then have the kids write what they learned before we go.

My other favourites will be the handwriting with ASL attached to it. I think it is a genius way to teach the kids the basic alphabet in ASL while they are learning how to write manuscript and also separately in cursive. My daughter especially is going to love it. She zips through the cursive handwriting book and this will give her the extra boast and teach her something new that she needs.

You can also go "search for downloads" and go ahead and download for whatever lessons your child needs more help on. This is a brilliant idea for parents who kids struggle with something in school even and need that extra boast to get practice. For example, math facts!

You can also do by subject which is very helpful as well. Even though it says that it is a Christian website, the lessons aren't biblical based from what I can tell which I highly appreciate with a mixed belief family.

You can also search by month and what holidays corresponds with it- including the all important Dr Seuss' Day! I love this especially for my scouts and am able to download and print for them busy sheets to do while we get started on our meetings or based on what we are learning. For example, I have printed the summer olympics pages for them to colour since our bridging theme will be Olympics. Yay!

I also love the colouring pages for them- especially my daughter who loves to colour. A great way to learn while she colours. You can pick and choose which system (lungs or heart or the endocrine system, for example), saving you paper.

And I am not going to lie, I am using  the "how to draw" ones for even myself. I am going to download them and spend time with each my kids just as special time learning how to draw together!

As far as the website goes, it is intuitive once you browse it for a little bit and very well done. I am happy to be able to use this and I think it is a benefit to all families no matter what kind of schooling your child does!

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