Friday, September 16, 2016

It's Super Easy to Get Started for Fall Product

It feels like the Girl Scout year just begun!!! In fact, food for thought... It starts before the end of the current scouting year... leaders know what I am talking about! I have been a scout leader for years and this just came to me. Hahaha. Anyways....

As we in GSCNC (Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital) start Fall Product, there is some new things this year!! While this is written solely by me to help my troop, I post here because I think many leaders and parents will find it helpful. Hope it helps you!

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A) No more address books
B) SPECIAL PATCH for the 100th year of cookie season starting. You MUST participate in Fall Product sales to get it.

Special Patch Requirements:
1) Create your Me2 avatar
2) Send 12 emails
3) Sell 1 or more items online (magazines or nuts)
4) Sell 5 magazines during fall product
5) When cookie season comes around sell 250 boxes of cookies.

This special patch will be with the avatar your child creates online.

For My Troop (Troop 5823), our primary focus is cookie season but please do try. Just for creating your account and sending 12 emails you get a patch which is all of 15 minutes of your time.

Setting Up Your Online Account for Fall Product:

Step 1:
#1 Go to
#2  If it's your first time, look at the image to see where to start! If you are returning sign in the top (like in the picture) with your email and password from last year. If you don't remember the password just click don't remember and it will send you a link to reset.

Step 2: 
#1 Put in your troop number! (very important for your daughter's and troop's credit). Double check it. My girls should put in 5823!
#2 Find Your Name- if it's not there, I believe you can manually type in.

Step 3:
#3 Have your daughter choose the reason she is going girl scouting
#4 Have her type in her goal. It doesn't have to be realistic, but it is part of the experience.
#5 Have her type in what she is going to do with the money raised. Ie: community service, ice skating, horse back riding, etc.

Step 4:
#1 Have her create her avatar. Have her try to do it as realistic as possible if she can, although it doesn't matter. The girls have fun doing it. Mine made a princess Laila as a girl scout before she corrected it.
#2 the second arrow on the right is where she edits different features including her girl scout level.

Step 5:
#1 Preview your girl scout avatar!
#2 Press continue

Step 6:
#This is where you can play around and see your account and preview things and how the avatar will look.

Step 7:
#1 Emails! You can simply import contacts from an email you have or can manually put in.
#2 You have to send 12 emails to get the patch. Don't forget and just do it right now while you are registering. It will take less time overall.

Step 8:
#1 Share on Facebook
#2 Share on Twitter
#3 Share on Google+
Of course not required but easy to do if you want to right off the bat.
If you are doing Facebook and want to create an event with direct links to the store you can do that and invite people.

Step 9:
You are done and you can see your personalised store number for your daughter. If someone needs to look it up the arrow on the right shows her store number (where it takes them to her page and she gets credit).

You're Done!

Come see some of the prizes you can get!
Don't stress about it!
The beauty of this is it's online mostly though you can do in person too.
What this allows for is for us to focus on other things and even prep for cookie season.
If your daughter hasn't done cookie season, encourage her to ask a few people to buy a magazine or nut or candy from her. This allows her to get practice for cookie season!

As a troop, if we sale one thing we are okay. Honestly. Try your best but don't sweat it!

Have Questions?! 

Troop 5823, ask your Fall Product Chair for our Troop! Lee, our daisy leader as well, will be glad to help you!!

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