Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Play With Fire: A Phoenix in Faith

What does it meant to be a phoenix?
What does a phoenix have to do with everyday faith?
Have you experienced something hard in your life that has brought you through fire?

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Bianca is a Mexi-Rican and 5' 2". Go short people. (We should have our own tribe).

But for real now... she is a California girl with two immigrant parents, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
They came for a better life. And she has a big family.

Growing up wasn't easy. It was tough. It was hard. Because life is.

She had to struggle with sometimes not knowing what her next meal was. Her mother rolling out a piece of paper when all the cupboards and the refrigerator were empty and said something like, "We are going to write our prayers here." Bianca grew up on faith. She had those answers to prayer for food when someone dropped off bread, butter and cheese to the house. The best grilled cheese ever. Because it was food.

Bianca is not alone in her struggles. We all have different struggles but we have them.

She shares hers with her faith intertwined. You feel like you are sitting in small group with her listening to her tell you what her life was like. There is a bit of humour but a lot of things are just candid truths.

We have all screamed at the heavens asking for answers.

Just in different ways and in different words or faiths.

She had to struggle even more when she felt her family did everything right even amist hard times growing up. They tithed, gave faithfully to the community and yet her mother was still sick-- very sick. What once was held up by love, this family, and faith, was getting shattered to pieces little by little.

She had to learn to fully trust her faith.

She had to transform. She had to become a phoenix and stand in the fire.

Bianca, we could have been neighbours and friends growing up. I feel like this is a story I can relate to, but not for the reasons you think. I had a lot of hardships growing up as well. I know the pain. You are not alone. And your book is going to do the same for many girls around the country and world!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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