Saturday, October 8, 2016

365 Simply Powerful Daily Devotionals For Boys (Giveaway!)

Often times we don't see a lot of devotionals and such for boys. Come to think of it, I don't remember the last time I saw one for a boy. So I am kind of excited to review this. Mainly because I know my boys believe in God. Maybe and sometimes more than I do.

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My daughter was very adamant with piercing eyes of "don't you dare" look in them if I got the girl version. I felt the same way but it was because it was pink. Yuck to pink. But for her, it was more about not wanting to be told how to view God. She finally is coming around to faith, but I agree with her that I will not push her to believe anything because ultimately it is up to her. That is a powerful thing and I definitely won't force her to that. She needs to come to it on her own.

Who knows, with this book, even though intended for my sons, I think she will grab it and read it eventually. Because she is the reverse psychology kind of kid. Tell them to not read it and they will. Ha ha. My evil plans. Actually not evil. I don't care if she picks up this book. Because she will pick up another... even if eventually.

In looking at this book though,,, I was very please that it was short and simple. It can be understood by a five year old all the way up to a 13 year old. In fact, I think it can benefit and remind even parents some of the simple things we forget. Like knowing we are meant for a bigger purpose in life than what we have laid out in front of us for. Or how taking care of your body is really important. Nobody can argue with that, right?

I like that it is only one page. Makes it a great evening prayer or even in the morning or at a breakfast table kind of activity.

They break it down into the verse, the description and empowerment piece, the Thought of the Day and the Daily Prayer. I like them because it doesn't push you or your kids as much as some devotionals would. That I can highly appreciate because it would not be something I would be cool with my kids, even those that believe in God, reading. It is a matter of choice and willingness not forcing them. 

The daily prayers can be turned into daily affirmations as well. So I can turn them into something for even those that don't believe in the family. That is huge.

I am going to gift this to my youngest as part of his Christmas or Hanukkah present. Maybe Christmas because it goes with the theme more.

You should enter to win it too and if you don't want it you can enter to win for someone you know and gift it to them!!!

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