Saturday, October 29, 2016

Falling Free: "Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted"

I like that they way she writes this... like you are sitting down with her listening to her story. How her dream the way she pictured it, was not how it turned out to be at all. How she came stronger in her faith, but she doesn't force it on you. She shows you what it did for her.

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She took in a child that had a criminal record. She moved from the perfect little farm house to the city. She broke a lot of her own barriers. What she thought she wanted turned out to be not what she really wanted or needed after all.

I love this line:

"This calling felt preposterous, as if we were two kids playing pretend." (page 8)

Don't we all feel like that at some point? I know I do. I know even the small changes, not moving from country to city living, I feel this way. Like, why is this calling meant for me again?

This is great too:

"In this upside-down kingdom his best gifts are not found on the tallest shelf at the end of the strenuous climb. They're found in the dirt. They're low and humble. " (page 10)

So often we forget what is in front of us to chase down what we have not even seen yet. I need to remember this. You need to remember this. We all do. To say we don't is not to be real.

Another one:
"They may have worn their junk in more obvious ways but mine was just as ugly".

That is a powerful realisation that most people tend to forget so easily. I am one of those hearts on my sleeve kind of person. It is very hard for me to hide how I am feeling. It really is. It is not because of attention but because there is not one non-transparent bone in my body.. maybe one... but my skeleton is pretty transparent. I don't know why but I am. Sometimes I wish I wasn't this way.

But just because someone is that way, don't or try to not judge. It may be hard but judging them does nothing for you. Moving on does.

"Fear defies common sense. It takes shape out of nothing then barges in and fills the room."

This needs to be a mantra of mine. Maybe one for you as well. How often have we stopped living because of what? Sounds strange that would be something I would take away from the book. But it was potent. We often live more in fear than we realise.

I nearly wanted to cry when I read how she was so supportive of her son that really came to her as an adult and had spent time in jail. The stories. Are powerfully simple.

I have a tremendous respect for what she did because I was a foster child. It isn't easy and not everyone is called to love foster children in the immense ways she and her husband did. it is powerful. That being said, we can all love.

You can't read this in one sitting. It can be tedious at times but really it is a good read and I enjoyed it.

If there is something you can take away is knowing you are never in control and the universe has a way of working things out for you. 


*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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