Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Every Woman Needs to Find Her Voice

The title got me. "Finding Your Voice." Mind you that I vaguely reminder the name Natalie Grant. I wasn't she who she was but I was following my intuition to review this book.

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This book got picked to review because I am a person that although very vocal in nature and as extrovert as you can get, feel lost sometimes. Like my compass is constantly spinning with little stopping. So finding my own voice becomes even harder. 

Opening up to the table of contents, I feel like I picked the right book. 
1) Learning to Listen
2) Trusting Your Potential
3) Finding Your Thrive Zone
4) Training in the Wilderness
5) Caring For Your Instrument Inside Out
6) Aligning Your Assets
7) Quality Check: It's How You Say It
8) Working the Stage: Engage, Connect, Grow
9) Beauty in the Breaking
10) Finding Your Song

Oh my! I am now excited about this book! It helps that it is written by someone who loves music as well and in fact is a grammy winner! By the way, Natalie, it is a side note, but you are welcome to teach me how to sing. I can dance and I write songs but singing I love but am not good at. I could use some help there... LOL. 

Natalie-- you watch Law and Order SVU-- isn't Marsika awesome? But I agree that the show sadly hits home more than any of us realise. After seeing it, long story short, and well told by the way, she loses her voice completely. Her profession depends on her voice. Of being able to sing and tell and story. But God had different plans for her. To finally listen. Not just with her ears but with her heart. 

She went to India and saw first hand what the nightmares of Law and Order SVU are really made of in the real world. A world shattering experience to saw the least. The ironic part of her losing her voice is that she couldn't rely on her voice to help sooth nobody like a job. It had to come from the heart. In totality. 

As weird as this sounds, I am not even through Chapter 1 and I feel that God is speaking highly to me through this. To finally tell my story. And I don't want to. I am scared crapless to do so. I worked so hard to get where I am and I don't want to have to go back to the things I have been through. But maybe this is the sign to me that it is time. 

This book is great is being a easy read. And I do believe there is something in there for everyone. I have read a lot of the book and I feel like it is a powerful book for any woman. Not to conform. Not to throw away the gift they have and be able to listen to themselves and God. 

I am going to be reading and re-reading this book for many days to come!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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