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The Domino Effect-- Banks, Secrets, Lies, Truth

The Domino Effects starts out like an opening to the newest drama series on TV.
From the get-go you are on the edge of your chair and wondering what is going to happen next.

The Domino Effect-- Banks, Secrets, Lies, Truth, The Domino Effect, Bethany House, David Bunn, The Next best seller, via bella's top reads

Trying to remember... but I don't. I don't remember the last time a book did that to me right off the bat. Literally. Within two pages I was like, "dang, this is suspenseful already!".

I felt like I was watching a show that is on TV--- the lead character dealing with a dilemma that many in the work force have to deal with. Keep your mouth shut and keep moving forward keeping that job or open your mouth an risk not only losing your job but affecting the lives of those around you.

Esther is in this dilemma. And not just any market or job. No. It's the banking industry. Her boss Jason just made this deal with the bank he had no business doing and used her and his power over her to get it. Two billion dollars. Nothing to sneeze at. Can be the smartest decision. Or it can be the stupidest decision that cripples a nation... No pressure.

She is the risk analyst and she knew better... but had to keep her mouth shut or risk not being able to keep her job (or her co workers' jobs) and not be able to take care of her brother who has been the hospital the last seven months and she is his only source of both financial and emotional support.

Through her job and being care taker, you can imagine the wall she became... she built the wall high and didn't let anyone in. Nobody. She was and is always the observer, doing what she does best... analyising. Many people do this.

The banker turned pastor tries to crack her code... but how will that go?

She couldn't side line her life anymore. Something familiar some of us do. We step back and just watch our lives as if we aren't an active part of it. We mill day in and day out with what we are working on or need to do.

In reading deeper, there are so many unlaying factors that you can derive from here.. if you have read the book, you get the slight pun I just made.... lol. But deriving that there is so much more from this book that one can learn from. It is like looking at what is in front of you as if it were already history. Isn't that a profound idea?

Now I get the reasoning behind the title of the book. The Domino Effect.

If you have ever built the domino line with the dominoes small side up in a long line (or twisted line) and then tip off one domino with the flick of you finger ever so slightly to watch it hit the next domino down. Cause and Effect. Then that one by the very nature of being, does the same thing. For tens or hundreds of dominoes. The difference is that like with everything in life, whether we see it or not, it is much grander than that!

I really really like this book a lot. Like A.L.O.T.

There is an aspect to Esther's personality and struggles that many people can relate to. Plain and simple. Couple that with a great and well written book, you will have hard time putting this book down!

This book for sure is going under one of my favourite books this far in reading it. I can't wait to sit down and finish it. Because it is real. I want to see this as a movie!

So wish I could giveaway this book on my blog because it is that good!

*This book was given in exchange for an honest review*

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