Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Christmas Comes to America

We get to review the Once a Week Study Unit of Christmas Comes to America  by Homeschool Legacy.

I like using the holidays to study maybe because I am in love with the holidays...

They are ways to make memories that are going to last a lifetime.

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

One thing that drew me to review this was that my son is a boy scout or will be in a few months coming and this is perfect that they show he can earn the music merit badge. That is like giving this leader a view of the candy in the candy store. Seriously, anything that takes the work off me as a leader is a beautiful thing. Almost like a Christmas present, one could say...

It is broken up into four weeks: 
Week 1 - The Dutch
Week 2 - The English
Week 3 - The Germans
Week 4 - An American Christmas

Each Once-a-Week Unit Study provides a weekly library list that includes a variety of books for that week's focus. Some of these books are classics that no one should go without having in their library.

Everything is laid out well. Instructions are thorough so you don't have to worry about filling in the blanks and this is meant to be a fun thing to do together as a family.

Something I love about this is you can learn to speak different phrases in different languages that pertain to the study. I LOVE that. I love languages though and trying to raise globally conscious children.

I wish they had Girl Scout requirements on there as well as Boy Scouts merit requirements and American Heritage Girls (which I honestly haven't heard of but now intrigued and will have to look it up).

Here are the requirements for the different scout groups if you are wondering what they are. I am looking forward to using this product next year when my son transitions from cub scouts into boy scouts and have him earn this pin!

For the Boy Scout Requirements for Music Badge/Pin:

For the American Heritage Girl Requirements for Music Appreciation Badge:
11 pi/pa
13 pi/pa

OYO (on your own):
13 pi/pa

From Their Site about the Unit study (perfectly summed):

  •    Fun, NO PREP, 4-week unit study
  •    Stop and smell the evergreens with this nice, light, Christmas unit study
  •    Children choose from a variety of quality, library reading selections that focus on the Dutch, German, and English early settlers and the traditions they brought with them to America, as well as many other enjoyable Christmas favorites
  •    Enjoy classic Christmas, family read-alouds
  •    Discover the traditions, customs, and symbols of a classic American Christmas and how they came to us by way of the early settlers.
  •    Learn about the Dutch, the Germans, and the English while also meeting their “gift givers”

  •    Explore geography
  •    Meet the real Saint Nicholas
  •    Complete simple language and art assignments
  •    Embrace the gift giving spirit by making simple, homemade gifts
  •    Incorporate music appreciation while enjoying the sounds of Christmas.
  •    Go caroling
  •    Discover the history of a classic Christmas craft and make one yourself
  •    Meet some famous composers
  •    Enjoy fun, family, Christmas outings
  •    Pop some corn, light a fire, and watch great, family, Christmas classics
  •    Have fun with “Stump Your Dad Trivia”
  •    Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will earn his Music Merit Badge while completing Christmas Comes to America with the rest of his family.
  •   American Heritage Girls fulfill the majority of their Music Appreciation Badge requirements.

There are also micro studies you can do that some of the other reviewers of the product are doing. They are listed below. This gives you an idea of what other options you have.

Once-a-Week Micro-Studies:

Overall, I am looking forward to doing this with even my youngest years from now when he becomes a boy scout 5 years in the future (cue crying because my babies are growing up too fast) and thinking that it will be something that me, as a parent, and a scout leader, will be able to enjoy not just with one of my sons, but each them as they become old enough to be able to do this.

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Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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