Monday, November 7, 2016

Complete Curriculum in Language Smarts for Critical Thinking

For my kids in their homeschooling, we are reviewing Language Smarts™ Level E by The Critical Thinking Co.™.

You can use it as a complete curriculum or as a supplemental resource. This says grade 4. Depending where your child is, this could be great for either. 

In just reading the beginning of the book, I can tell you that it does not seem like a fourth grader would need to learn this because they would have already covered it. I know that my current third grader has already learned some of the stuff-- syllables and such, early on in the second grade. So far, not impressed. 

That being said, I know a lot of kids that aren't taught at a high level and this is perfect. Even for the kids, like mine, that may know it, I appreciate the approach to it and think it is a great supplement and practice for them. 

I like that they have word searches and other activity sheets as part of the lesson, I remember doing them and they are a "think-outside-the-box" way of learning something new. It just isn't a write and reverbarate the same thing you just learned. It takes a creative way to learn things which is super helpful for many kids. 

Prefixes and suffixes are great-- even if they know it, it is great practice.

Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}

I love that they do analogies as well. As much as we don't want to face it, it is a fact that now we have to deal with testing. This is a crucial piece to testing. Remember the S.A.T.s? Anyone? They sucked but they were a necessary part to applying for college. Analogies were big on my test. 

I love the different activities they switch around on basic things like spelling. Like fill in the word or finish the sentence. They are precursors to being able to think outside the box. 

Another piece that is good is dictionary versus online dictionary. In this day and age, we have to be aware of the fact that as much as we may or may not like it, online resources are a part of learning. Learning how to navigate both is crucial to success. 

I like that the lessons are short and sweet. It allows for learning to happen outside of the book as well. I highly suggest a notebook with it so they can practice beyond what they do in the book. 

It goes over grammar and reading comphrension which I like. Very few I have seen go over both and make the connection. It is very important and this book does that well. 

They also have the answers in the back... but don't tell your kids that... shhh!!

I felt that while some of what was in the book was enough to challenge a fourth grader, it is becoming harder to compete with some other curriculum. So I may say this is more grades 2-4, not just 4. Every kid works at a different level too. 

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Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}

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