Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Looking Back: Obama's Presidential Legacy

Many are happy... Many are sad... Many are mad...

That Mr Barack Hussein Obama is leaving presidential office in January 2017.

In fact, I urge you to go vote TODAY! Don't wait for someone else to say your choice for you! Every vote really does count!

I digress.

So it is perfect timing to do a book review on the legacy that he is leaving behind....

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Yes, he is the first coloured president.

Yes, he came out with Obamacare.

Yes, he brought our nation out of a very dark time economically.

He did so much more though... so much more...

Michael I Days who is the editor of the Philadephia Daily and worked at the Wall Street Journal and who has worked in media such as radio and as well in moderator brings this book to light, seeing all the amazing things that Obama has done. Even Christians, I say, Christian, support this, labels come. Because when you think that label, you think someone who is conservative and wants to constrict rights of those around them based on what they think is biblically appropriate. That isn't true. There are many that agree with what Obama has done.

I love that the back of the book, there are so many pages that just the bibliographical proof of resources, papers, and proof that Obama has done these things. Just in case people doubted. Because there are those people. People who listen to media and even those that like him don't know.

He talks about him being a man of the people. The first part is divided between them in fact!

Here is the break down of what is inside the pages!

Part I: Man of the People
Chapter 1: The Young
Chapter 2: Women
Chapter 3: African Americans
Chapter 4: LGBT
Chapter 5: Immigrants
Chapter 6: The disabled and the elderly
Chapter 7: Veterans
Chapter 8: Prisoners
Chapter 9: Workers

Part II: A Man of Action
Chapter 10: The economy
Chapter 11: Defense
Chapter 12: Diplomacy
Chapter 13: Justice
Chapter 14: Labour
Chapter 15: Education
Chapter 16: Housing and Urban Development
Chapter 17: Transportation
Chapter 18: Homeland Security
Chapter 19: Agriculture

Part III: A Man of Conviction
Chapter 20: Health
Chapter 21: Energy and Environment
Chapter 22: Technology

This is an easy read. It is written factually and well done. You can tell the author did his research because the back of the book is like 70 pages of appendixes and bibliographies.

It is not tarnished nor overly personally opinionated by the writer. I am very very impressed by this.

If you have family members who get disappointed this election, either way, that either Obama will no longer be president or that a woman or Trump got elected, then you can say "but look at this!" and be once again encouraged.

If you think you know all that Obama has done for this country, think again. Unless you are following him step by step around the White House (or too much a enthuistist) then you don't know everything and this would be better to educate yourself on what he has done. So when you get questioned...

"What has Obama really done for us?"

You can open this book and just read it. All facts.
You can answer those questions with facts.

Nobody is perfect but I truly believe that Obama will go down as one of the best presidents a long side the best of them!


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*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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