Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mamaleh Knows Best in The Jewish Way of Parenting

Who knows best?!

A mama does!

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I emailed the author, Marjorie, interested in reading and reviewing this book. She was amazing and contacted her publisher for me to review this book. It has been more a blessing than she will ever realise and I really hope to one day meet her in person! 

Having grown up in the foster care system I didn't have a uniform set of cultural experiences or knowledge of who I was. I was lucky to know that I was sleeping in the same bed as the night before. This is not an exaggeration. 

So, after having my kids, I have vowed to do my best as a parent. Of course. 

I didn't find out I had any (the little that I do have) Jewish ancestry until I was in my late 20's. Yet, I have done some of the same (and better) things as a parent that people use to stereotype or characterise Jewish mums. Which is funny because my kids are more Jewish than I am percentage wise. But if we were to walk into Israel, they would gain citizenship purely by my ancestry. I find it ironic. But hey... 

So when I found out about this book and read a few reviews I KNEW I had to review it. Just had to. 

When I opened the book, it did not let me down.

There was sarcasm on the first page! I love it!

Think that you can't use this book?

She says in the beginning that you don't have to be Jewish by blood (like I am) to be a Jewish parenting parent. 

It is such an easy read even though it gives the history of the Jewish culture. Seriously, Marjorie, where have you been all my life? Especially in those awkward teen yet self defining years! 

She can make you laugh as well as educate you both in what is wrong with the Jewish mum stereotype that is wrongly portrayed on media and television and what being a Jewish mum really is. 

I love reading this because I am learning things I did not know. And it is amazing because things she is so dead on about with how Jewish people identify themselves. We are a unique people because there is a difference between being Jewish by blood and Jewish in faith. Two totally different things. And that is not even accounting for the culture or counter culture of those that are Jewish. 

That is part of the reason, honestly, that I find reading this book intriguing especially for me. It is like she gets me and is telling me I am not alone. 

I love her honesty about over actively involved parents who become helicopter parents: All the research backs up this simple phrase... Back the hell off (her words, not mine). In a day in age where we are being told to be helicopter parents, I couldn't agree more with this. Sometimes, though, in honesty, I find myself fighting this because I don't want to be berated for my parenting choices. I would love to give my kids more reign over their decisions then I feel like I am able to sometimes. 

I love her explanation of why a bar or bat mitzvah is at age twelve or thirteen... That we are now dealing with a human being full of the capability to function more on their own than that of a young child. They are capable of make wise decisions just as much as the dumb decisions. And they have a right to choose that. 

This is a book that when you read it, you want to meet her. Seriously. 

She points out some very flaws in today's parenting. Simple. She points out how she went through parenting decisions that were constantly questioned but she knew she was in the right. 

She makes me realise that this world isn't going to change if I don't put my foot down in my parenting- giving my kids more freedom. Giving them the choice to ask questions, be curious, be hyper without medication, and without the stress.

Stress... oh, my, the stress! I feel that they way that society expects us to parent gives me so much stress that tops my already workaholic perfectionist butt doesn't need! She is giving a kick the other direction showing that some of us really do have it right. We have a much better idea.

EVERY parent needs to read this book so we can give our kids more freedom and really progress our society and human race. 

If we did half of what she suggests in the book, we are going to raise more self aware, world aware, and self sufficient and happy children. It isn't a rocket science... though she will point out that a nobel peace prizes have been won by those that are Jewish and Rocket Scientists... LOL

Keep wine, a funny bone, an open heart and mind while reading this book and there will be much you will get out of it like I am.

Reading this many times will likely happen in the house... like going to the Jewish aunt you didn't know you had. Who can gently remind you (without pulling your cheeks saying how cute you are at the age of 30) what you have your ideals in while your kids are destroying the living room.... like mine are right now. One running and jumping over the other (nothing could go wrong with that, right? Ha ha) while I finish this review... 

Never a dull moment... in this house.,... or in this book... 

I really do hope one day to meet Marjorie... I feel I could learn so much from her... 

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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