Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Underground American Dream

My Underground American Dream.

An incredibly powerful story!

Especially in a day and age, as in right now, where racism's role is forefront of American ideological conversation as well as many politically doings or undoings based on this unfortunate time and status of current events, we need a book like this.

If you think that open borders are good. If you think that open borders are bad. If you think that every person who is from a different country is out to get you and is a terrorist, you need to read this book.


Because that ideological mind set is the very thing that is setting us back so much right now. It is something that I am honestly not happy with having to think about discussing with my children. In fact, we shouldn't have to. How did we go from being accepting to hating? Now, not all people of course but think about what you are exposed to or think of and then magnify that for that of a child.

Those people who believe in people coming in legally don't necessarily want open borders and vice versa. People across those borders don't want to come in to hurt this country. No. They want to come to this country for the very thing that many people take advantage of here... that is,  the opportunity. The opportunity to make a difference for themselves, their families and their communities.

If given the right way to do it, I bet they want to do it the right way!

Like this woman!

This amazing inspiring woman who went from being born in Mexico and coming to America with her parents and spent all her child hood worried about being deported. In fact, it was used a scare tactic to everyone when she didn't conform to what they wanted. Either that be academically or behaviour-wise. It is an unfortunate reality many have faced and many are incredibly fearful of right now in light of current politics. Even more so, even people who have been born here, hold residency and are citizens of this country are still worried about this.

Think about what they came for.... All they wanted to do was to gain opportunities and make money to be able to support their family in Mexico. Because they couldn't come to America without a lot of risk. This is... Julissa's family (as many others too do the same) and she didn't see a lot of them growing up.

What fear?

The fear...

of trying to make their life better...

The hard times...

of trying to make their life better....

The ways....

of making their life better....

is nothing short of inspirational!

I love this book. I had a very hard time putting this book down! Definitely one of my favourite books thus far this year! (I have a feeling I will have 10-25 of those of the 100 I will have reviewed).

But seriously, given the current state of things...  please read and be informed...

How a woman from nothing became a Wall Street Executive to someone who gives back to those around her....

Come, dare, read!


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* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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