Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On Borrowed Time

When you think the term Borrowed Time, you think that we are fighting against time to keep something we have been wanting to either have or do.

On Borrowed Time, Ambassador International, Book Review, Tricia Kline,

I was standing in line to vote while reading this... because if I am going to waste hours of my time standing in line, than I am going to read or do something productive. Because I never waste a second of my time if I can avoid it. 

This book however, was something I did not expect.

Not in the best way either.

While the intentions of the book were great and I see what they purpose of the book is, I felt that things were drawn out. The theological discussions that are at the beginning of each chapter just feels completely out of place. It doesn't seem to lead up to the stories that follow in my opinion. But it could have just been over my head as well. 

The stories themselves would have been more powerful if it had been written in an easier to read fashion. Switching between present, future and past made even the stories disjointed and not so much of an intuitive reading. 

In fact, the stories are amazing and powerful. The way it is written however, it feels that it diminished the value in those stories. It would be better if they rewrote this and republished it with the stories in a way that make people realised the borrowed time we do live in. 

The quote I love from the beginning is this:

"Don't let another moment pass you by without being conscious of a greater purpose, the need to have a better attitude, the importance of connecting with others in a deeper way" ~ Tricia Kline

I honestly think that taking out the theological history lessons would have made this book stronger and the points it was making much stronger. Yes, even if it made the book a lot shorter. It is better to have a to the point shorter book than to drag on something that some people either won't get or understand. 

This is not a book I would recommend at all because of how it is written. I wanted to like it so much better than I did. While the stories were powerful, the book isn't written well enough to boast these amazing stories. 

Even my history buff of a room mate would not read this. He loves history and knows his history both theologically (of many different religions) and of the world in general and he did not even want to finish the book. That speaks volumes. 

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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