Thursday, November 10, 2016

Say & Pray Devotionals for Toddlers {Win It}

This is a very cute book to introduce toddlers to praying. I love the idea of teaching kids to be able to take time to themselves and pray. Whether it is to God or in a more inner meditative practice.

Say & Pray Devotionals for toddlers is a nice hard cover book. What I like about the pages is even though they are thick card stock pages, they aren't overly thick like some baby books are. Which bugs me for some reason. I don't why, but it does. Easy for toddlers to turn.

It introduces them to some of their first words, things they come across in every day like their tooth brushes.

It also teaches them, or at least we hope as parents, to be thankful for what they have.

I was down for reviewing because it could help my five year old to read. Starts with simple board books is super helpful for them. Have them sound out the words to items they know already. Which is a better aid in teaching them how to read than just learning phonetic sounds itself. It's the application.

It's not just a few pages- which I like. It has substance which I appreciate. For those kids in between reading and not reading it is super nice to have a book that isn't talking down to them in a babyish way. I appreciate this.

This would be a great present for the toddler or learning-to-read child in your house.

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