Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Blessings of Unity {Win It}

This was a book I was actually looking forward to reading. And not just because the cover is nice. It really is a nice cover.
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Since I am separated I was hoping to find insight in this book. I was hoping that some questions I have would have answers. That I could be guided through both experience and advise.

I really liked learning more from their story personally and what they have done than about historical or biblically historical view of it. I felt it leaned way too much on it. Yes, like a crutch. Sometimes that jives with some but it didn't to me.

It felt written more like for a history class.

This is a great book for Christian marriage counselors or those looking for Christian marriage or pre-martial counseling. However, I did not like it as much.

What made me more sad is that some of it was written from a 'fear of' perspective than from the perspective of love that I feel God is about. It makes the title of the book misleading in my opinion. The Blessings of Unity is for unity, not fear. You can't have in my opinion a unity driven by fear. That isn't unity.

I feel like the book says: "If you aren't getting A, you aren't passing the test at all!"

What I do like about the book is that it does give you food for thought. If you are like me and try to take something good even out of books you don't like, then this still has something to offer.

There is a cool husband wife quiz you can take. That is one of the most useful things in the book because it shows you how on par with your spouse you are.

I was really hoping this would be more an eye opener for me as I am going through separation but all this did was make me want to feel cut deeper-- feel like I wasn't good enough. Some of what is in here is so conservative that it's like a knife that cuts deep to those that disagree slightly.

Now I have a lot of conservative Christian friends and even family, and I think this could be a good book for them. I would and will even suggest that they enter to win a copy and possibly pass along mine. I want someone to get something out of it. I think someone might get a lot of good out of it. Not just me.

I would like for you to enter to win it-- if not for you, then someone you know.

And feel that I am being too harsh??

Than enter to win and respond to me with what you think! I dare you!

Enter to Win It!

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