Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business

What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business, book review, peter thall, blogging for books, via bella top reads

When I was younger, most that know me well know this, know that I wanted to be an entertainer. An entertainer in many rights. Yes, a singer is one of them, of course. So stereotypical, I know. It is one of those dreams that you have to become one of the biggest names in the world. The difference is that without guidance and lucky stars and knowledge there is an up hill battle that most have never experienced.

So when I got a chance to review this book I was over the moon! Not just because of the dream but for the knowledge of what is behind the dream many have and what the realities of it really are.

It is very thorough though in explaining the ins and outs of the music business.

If you are curious-- it's a must have.

If you are a song writer- must have!

If you are trying to bud into the music industry-- definitely a must have!

Basically, it's a must have for anyone who has interest in the business of any kind.

It even goes into the nitty gritty numbers that you need to know for say, royalties and how they are split up between the artist and everyone else. 

This is a rarity to have a well rounded book like this that shows everything. It doesn't matter who you are. This is a great informative book if you are interested in how the music industry works from day to day.

Empire, the overly popular show, shows more of what it is like, just a wee bit more dramatic... just a wee bit. But for real now....

This is a book that if you are interested in Entertainment law, music productions, you write songs, you like to produce music or poetry, you are an investor or basically just highly interested in what is going on, is for you!

This is more technical of a book and I love it.

It is like what you would expect the contract of a budding musician to look like...

Foreign, confusing, but all the more compelling to want to read at the same time.

Once you read it, no matter how little or much you take from it, you will have learned something if not a lot. That is something that is to be said for any book.

I can see this book going into to classrooms all across the country as well as being a guide for those that are trying to get into the business or already in it and needing to know more.

My biggest wish; I wish this book was a hard cover book to be honest.

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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