Saturday, November 19, 2016

Win This Beautiful Clay Creative Colouring Book

I got to review a new friend of mine's colouring book!


It's a giveaway!!! Yay! So enter to win one of your own!

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Elizabeth Clay does a great job in this book of showing the amazing drawings she does.

They are beautiful, artistic, and well done.

If that isn't enough to convince you to support her this Christmas for a present this year, let me go a little farther.

The covers, front and back, have samples of her drawings that you will see on the inside but are also velvet almost. Remember when you were a kid and you loved colouring the velvet pictures? This is a lot like that so you are going to want to rub the cover a few times.

She even dates them in the book, so these aren't just from this month. These are over several years.
She makes it easy for adults and children a like to want to be colouring all the time. My daughter loves this. She wants me to get her an adult colouring book now because the other ones, you know, the ones for actual kids, is too boring for her. Ha ha.

I took this on the plane with me when I went out to visit family. It was great because I could colour a little bit at a time. I could also choose to do a five hour long session on the plane of colouring. At last, my kids broke that though--- in like, ten minutes. That is being a parent for you! LOL.

Something else I liked about it was that I can use multi media on it. So I couldn't use coloured pencils on the cover but I can on the pages. Which are acid free by the way! I am happy about that. So they are good quality. But I also used crayons and markers on the cover.

I like that these aren't easy pictures, like my daughter says, boring, to colour. There is intrigue in it and behind it. You can tell each picture has a story of it's creation.

Needless to say...

It's a PERFECT present, seriously, for anybody of any age!!

Support a small business and a person this Christmas season.

Buy it here on Amazon!! 

Don't forget, we are giving it away so you can check out it's awesomeness all your own or gift to someone!

Enter to win it!!!
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