Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Chili Recipe (with an awesome spicy kick)

When it is December and almost Christmas, you think cold and holidays. That is because it is very cold outside right now, around freezing temperature in fact, and holidays are in a few days. So, of course, you think warm foods that help to make you feel right at home. Foods that you could cuddle to a good book with and feel cozy.

Chili is one of those foods for me. It is down right one of my most favourite foods to have! I actually don't remember the last time I have done a recipe on this blog. It's been a year, I am sure. So this seems perfectly fitted!

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Now, as with anything in this house, it is imperative that it have some kick, or spice to it!
It just isn't the same without some spice in it. You can call it the Californian in me, what can I say?

My boy scouts joke around about me and hot sauce. It is totally a staple! They can laugh and joke about it but it totally is a staple for me, and maybe you too!

So this holiday season, if you want a food that will more or less cook itself once you put the pieces together, than this is it for you! Seriously! No, really, seriously! 

The hardest part for me was soaking the beans and not forgetting about them. I did this the first time and had to throw a lot of beans out because the week got away from me. I totally forgot after a couple of days. This time that was not going to happen!

So this time, I soaked them overnight and the next day was very diligent about getting the food prepped. I drained the black beans and then cooked them for an hour before adding them (and managed to do this and clean in prep for the coming holidays and family coming).

Now, if you want to be even more simple about it, it is easy. Really it is... just used canned black beans. However, the thrifty mum in me thinks that canned is great, but more for emergencies... or when you can't find beans to soak. If you do the math per pound, dry beans almost always win.

Ideally you can use three different types of beans instead of two. Or if you are vegetarian, you can add pinto beans (or another other) instead of the beef. Easy fix and just as much nutrition (more fiber actually) as doing with beef then if not.

The weird ingredient so to speak, you could say is the canned pumpkin. First off, there is your wierd holiday ingredient, but it is so perfect. You really won't taste it as much as you think, promise. I added that to offset the spice for my kids but also to sneak in vegetables for my kids... because I am a mum like that. (point, shoot, score!).

So here is the recipe... Hope you enjoy!


1 15 Oz diced tomatoes 
2 10 Oz diced tomatoes with habaneros 
2 10 Oz mild enchilada sauce 
2 cups cooked black beans 
2 cups canned Garbanzo beans 
2 cups  cooked beef
1/2 cup celery 
1 cup onion 
2 tbsp garlic 
3/4 cup pumpkin 
2 cups marina sauce


1. Soak and cook beans (or used canned)
2. Cook meat ahead of time (I did the day before because I was making spaghetti and put some aside)
3. Put all ingredients into the crock pot and stir. 
4. Crock pot for a few hours on high... I will put in for 2 or so hours to marinate the ingredients together. How long you do is up to you and up to your taste buds since you are adding in your own uniqueness to it. 
5. Eat and cuddle up! 

Let me know....

What did you think of the recipe? 
What is your go to for winter time?

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