Sunday, December 4, 2016

With Simple Child Like Faith, Amazing Things Can Happen

Riley Unlikely...

... is just that!

A girl named Riley, who had something hard but a simple child like faith that hasgone on and produced amazing results!  Nothing short of inspiration!

With Simple Child Like Faith, Amazing Things Can Happen, Riley Unlikely, Zondervan, Book Review, Via Bella

I got lost right away in this book. It is inspiring to say the least that a barely then teenager had the heart to exchange Christmas presents for going to Africa. She had no birthday presents. Instead she had people bring her presents to share with the kids in Africa.

There is so much heart in this book.

It is real in a way that you would not imagine. Even down to newborn babies that are not diapered the same way as they are here in the United States. Hint, they aren't diapered at all. They sit not in the clear tubs like what we have in the hospitals now and days. No. They are kept in storage containers that are suppose to be used the same way but they are tinier and they get dirty all the time with the newborns defecating in it (which gets cleaned so don't think that it is something that they don't take care of their babies0. They do. They just don't believe in diapering the same we do.

She is real about her experiences, her cultural stereotypes that got shattered in a good way. She talks about feeling bad about sleeping in a multi bedroom apartment with her aunt and uncle who were missionaries and seeing just around the corner houses made with tin roofs.

It is these kinds of experiences that change and shape teenagers-- and it definitely did her.

It is when she found out that she had a rare medical condition that prevented her from having children that really took a toll but not in the way most people expected. She has her heart in those children in Kenya.

I am inspired to getting back into loving people from around the world. It seriously has been a dream of mine to build orphanages around the world. This helps re kindle that and see the possibilities that anything is truly possible.


Seriously-- if a 14 year old can start her own non profit and rock it like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, then so can I and so can you! I will be definitely having my daughter reading this book!

Thank you Riley for the sharing of your humble and inspiring story!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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