Friday, December 9, 2016

Courage to Soar to Olypmics Gold

Omg... I haven't gotten very far and I am falling in love with this book already. I read the description on the side of the inside of the front page and found out that she was a foster child. How inspiring that she went from being a foster child to being a multi gold medal Olympic winner?

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I got this book to review and then give to my daughter to inspire her. Didn't know it would inspire me too!

And something I haven't seen before...

The inside of the cover is a poster with her vaulting with her signature! That is pretty cool!

I am seriously tearing up at the things I am reading. Simone, I know your pain more than you realise. It is a real pain. It is real. But you turned your first couple of years of instability into a strength!

In fact, at the end of chapter two I had tears in my eyes because I wish I had what you had. What an incredibly huge blessing for your grand parents to take you in as their own. How incredibly powerful story of love. You can see where you had something that could gone completely south, went right.

I cried again at her story of her grandmother from Belize who passed peacefully in her home. It was powerful way to show that love is not always played out the way we expect.

This is a beautiful story and while it can be condensed a little bit it really is good.

It is a journey into the life of Simone and how one of the most well decorated American women gymnasts is just like everyone else and has pushed herself to do better all the time.

It is inspirational because she was never a girly girl. No. She was, and proudly so, a tom boy. She was small and everyone worried she couldn't do it and would hurt herself. But not only did she met their expectations, she far exceeded them.

In pushing stereotypes of short people out the window, she also showed that you can do it while being humble and graceful. Staying focused on what mattered in the midst of it all. Not allowing the voices that so often tear us down to get to her. Allowing her defeat to be part of the process. She may be younger than me, but she definitely an inspiration to everyone, including to me.

I will definitely be having my daughter read this book and will likely be giving her as a Christmas present. It had me in tears, I guess because I am still processing my own story. But for my daughter, it can be inspiration that even the normal every day girl can be strong and chase their dreams. For my daughter too swings from anything and everything. She is so tiny but so strong! I am hoping this will inspire her and I want to put her in gymnastics more and more now!

I hope this book reaches girls everywhere!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review * 

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