Sunday, January 15, 2017

Talk Yourself Happy

With this book, I was not sure what to expect. But I felt lead to read this book for some reason and review it. To be honest, I am not a fan at all of the 700 club. It usually leaves knots in my stomach because I have seen evangelism go south and on television it just feels like it is putting a pretty bow on something presented artificial. Hopefully that makes sense. I just can't really tell the realness of what is being said and sometimes it is too plain or washed up when I hear it. Sometimes it is good though.

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With being separated, it has been a struggle sometimes to be happy. And with this book, Kristi Watts jumps right into the hard crap that she has had to deal with. There is no bullshit about this book. She jumps in and tells you like it is but in a very gentle way.

Talk yourself happy isn't the book that you think it is.
What it isn't:
a) It's not a step by step guide to make sure that you have a prescribed way of changing yourself from sad to happy
b) a scientifically tested theory that all the newest and oldest psychologists are using.
c) It's not what you think it is!

It is more.

It is letting go of your expectations and leaning the all knowing, the universe, God. Whatever drives your faith. It is not allowing whatever your expectations of the socially prescribed to get to you to the point that you are driving yourself to your own unhappiness.

It is finding the right instead of the wrong, even in the middle of very hard and difficult circumstances. It is allowing forgiveness, trusting what is uncomfortable, and so much more.

After the end of each chapter she has "Steps to talk yourself happy" &* Now take it, speak it, live it".

I actually appreciate the second part. Not just the inner reflection but giving you challenges so to speak to push yourself to outwardly.

She goes deep into some very painful parts of her story but also shows the ugly and the beautiful in each of the moments. For example, being able to have compassion towards her ex husband as he is dying and not bringing up the past of his alcoholism or the tendencies for him to disappear. At this point, she was showing him compassion in his last days. That is real life, and very powerful.

Even with being a (proud) faith struggler and juggler, I would recommend this because I think the principles are very important for all us to move on in the human condition we are currently in.

I give this book ⛄⛄⛄⛄ (four snowmen or stars)

* I received this book from Book look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review *

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