Friday, February 3, 2017

The Underground Culinary Tour

So...I don't eat out much, but this book was something I was still intrigued by to review.

I love the forward that Danny Meyer did-- it really brought to light this new change happening to restaurants that show that we all have to transform with the times. And sometimes, that can be a person who revolutionizes the industry. Just like the author of this book, Damian Mogavero, has.

In the business of casinos (his first example in the introduction) and restaurants, a lot of it previously and some still are run purely on gut instinct. Damian was and is hoping to change that with his analytical software.

The analytical software offered by Damian, in ideals, would be revolutionary for the industry because it would work the same way or in similar ways that google analytics for blogs work. Where google analytics collect which post was visited, for how long they were on the site, where they live, etc his software would collect data on how many tips were given when, what drinks were ordered, when more people visited the restaurant and so forth.

Think about being the owner of a company or restaurant and this just seems like smart business to do!

A great example in the book is Jeffery and Alana. She didn't know how to properly open a bottle of wine and even though she was one the best servers and everyone loved her, she never sold a whole bottle of wine to her customers, as the analytics showed, so Jeffery pulled her aside. He found this out and decided to get someone to train her on this. It tremendously shifted the sales of bottles of wine for Alana's customers. In this way, the analytics helped everyone involved.

In further reading, I like that this is giving me new ideas even and really is important for any business- not just the food industry. I can imagine being a business owner and this seems to be something that is and has been extremely valuable to them.

The reading itself is interesting and is a combination in style of story telling and factual statements. I think it is interesting but sometimes dragged out a little bit. However, with a glass of wine, is an interesting read.

This could be an interesting reading for those involved in the restaurant industry but I think anyone can enjoy this too.

About the Book:
In the bestselling vein of "Moneyball" comes an entertaining, behind-the-scenes narrative about how the restaurant business is being transformed by the use of data, in an industry historically run by gut and intuition. From celebrity-run restaurants to today's cutting-edge culinary trendsetters, author Damian Mogavero looks at how the use of data is revolutionizing how restaurants are run, from hiring chefs and training staff to pioneering new recipes, re engineering menus, and transforming the dining experience from the inside out, so that no restaurant is out of anything you want, "ever." 
After earning his MBA from Harvard Business School, Damian Mogavero founded a pioneering software company to completely reorganize how the restaurant industry functions, from the food they order to the menus they create, from the chefs and waitstaff they hire to the wines they stock. The use of data has helped to re-create the dining experience, maximize customer satisfaction, grow revenues, and improve popularity and profits.
 Damian first forged a relationship with Jeffrey Frederick, a recently promoted executive in charge of food and beverage at one of the biggest properties on the Las Vegas strip, who was eager to prove himself in the high-stakes, cutthroat world of Las Vegas dining. Using data analytics, as well as weekly coaching sessions with Damian over the next 15 years, Frederick became one of the most successful restaurant executives in the industry. Damian shows how the use of data provides trendsetting new restaurants, luxury hotels and casinos, and even cruise ships, nightclubs, and beloved mom and pop restaurants with the information they need to transform the food we eat and create the dining experience we have come to expect.

* I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review* 

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