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A Gift in Your Name is the Meaning

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I had previously done a review for John Dehnart as part of the old schoolhouse review crew for homeschooling. I reviewed a  name meaning gift that I kept it to my daughter for Christmas that she absolutely loved. When I was browsing for options backgrounds for my daughter I came across a Boy Scout themed background that was optional.

And now, I not only get to give something beautiful to my boys (and to my assistant leaders), but I also get to GIVE YOU THE READERS, A CHANCE TO ENTER DAILY TO WIN A SET OF 8 CUSTOMISED NAME CARDS {Worth $35}! It does not have to be boy scout themed!

Seeing how it was my boy's time to be crossed over from cub scouts to boy scouts, it made sense to try to reach out to John and see if I can work with him to be able to surprise my boys with something special. John was a sweetheart and totally agreed to work with me. It was such a blessing that he was able to work with me so I can give to as a surprise to my scouts and they would not know or have to pay for it in exchange for this review.

The best part was that I was able to also surprised my assistant  arrow of light leaders who have been my amazing assistants for the last five years with my boys, with the same gift as I gifted to my scouts. They probably were shocked but not surprised because it is like me to be able to surprise my leaders with gifts of appreciation.

John was great about helping me work with a design and theme. He was able to make sure that the spelling of all the boys names were correct and that the "Den 6  Pack 33" and the "Arrow of Light" crossover date were on the card, which was very awesome. It definitely allows the memory of the day to stick with them forever.

Even included was a little note from me as their den leader telling them how proud I am of them. One of the things, of course,  that was included on the front was the theme of The Crossover. You can read my letter to each of my boy scouts and their families here!

The theme of The Crossover was “Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you'll land Among the Stars.”

On the the front of the card what's the theme of The Crossover and the date.

On the back of the card, I let them know to never give up on their dreams and how incredibly​ proud of them I am for making this far.

You see, being able to make Arrow of Light is not a small feat for a child that is between the ages of 5 and 10. Not all boys stayed from ages 5 to 10. Some started their scouting adventures early and leave later. Some of the scouts started their scouting adventures late but they still did it. I had several boys who started their scouting adventure within the year. Some even started in the middle of this year and did their best and all they earned in the end was a pin or two.

In the end, they all did their best and they're moving together as brothers in to Boy Scouts. That it needed something to be celebrated.

So, this was purely a gift that came from the heart to my boys to show them that their name had meaning but more importantly that they have a special meaning in their lives ahead. That they will lead amazing lives with what they have learned from scouting and impact the lives around them.

I'm very grateful to John for being able to work with me on this for the boys. And even better yet to be able to surprise my leaders with a little token of my appreciation to how much they have helped and put their energy into this den as well as I have.

My experience working with John
My experience working with John is twofold. He was easy to be able to connect with and get the connection going. Getting started and working with him not just on a professional level but also on a personal level was really easy to accomplish.

The cards took longer than I expected to get to me and I would have appreciated them being better packaged when they got to me rather than just a normal business envelope. When it got to me a little bit a little bit ripped however and thankfully the product was not damaged in any way.

The cards themselves were amazing!
They were quite nostalgic! For those that happen to be in boy scouting in the past, the adult leaders that is, they were able to step back a little bit in the past, taking them back to the days when they were Boy Scouts. So I know that my assistant leaders also really appreciated the look and feel of it.

In fact, I can be so bold as to say that my assistant leaders didn't know what to expect at first but then ended up really liking them a lot! They were impressed by them.

In terms of things that went awry or I would changed-- it was very little. I would have preferred that the logo that was on the back to be smaller for the company just because I feel like it takes away from how unique and beautiful the card is.

Also the printing for my leaders was not well done and there was a mistake twice happened where pieces of information for some reason were either switched or not even on the cards at all. And this was no intention of John's. It's just something that happened when it went to the printer that didn't happen when it was my boys cards. ALL my boys' cards were done well and right the first time and honestly, those were the most important ones.

Even with the one mistake, John was amazing in making sure it was corrected and replacements sent. With even having any minor issues, he was great with fixing the honest mistake, which speaks volumes of a company.

Thankfully the end of the day the boys cards are what matters more.

So no matter what, this was a great gift to the boys AND you know from all corners of dealing with John and CrossTimber that they were great!

Speaking of GREAT.... there is a GIVEAWAY!!!
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