Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Re-Use Coffee For an Awesome Facial

The 30's (thirties, yes), ladies...

I swear is the second coming of acne for women in the department of: "Acne coming back with a vengence!" And also for the dudes (men) out there. Though I can't obviously speak to that out of experience.

So what does coffee have to do with your acne and how can it help??

All untouched pictures from the facial

My acne dial has been on fierce which is why I am writing this. You may look at the picture above and think "Yea, right!" You aren't seeing the big red spot on either sides of my face in this picture, but they are there. Thankfully, after this, both spots are much less red and reduced. 

Right now, at least, it isn't as bad and I am trying to catch things before they flare up real bad. Of course, with being a woman, there are times during the month where my hormones are on speed dial and that my acne, well, it flares up real bad. I am not a super hip, up to date with the latest fashions, and let's be honest, I am still wearing mum jeans and putting my hair up in a bun. Because that is what mums do. (Okay, not all mums, but there is some truth to this). 

Which is why I am back to some of my hippy holistic days, just a little bit. 

After trying to wash my face a couple times a day the last few weeks with normal soap, it just dried out my skin super bad and then it was like the oily skin came back with another vengence of it's own.

I also even used the Unblemish Line from Rodan and Fields (read my review here) because I still had some left and was really wanted to get rid of the zits I had. It helped but not as much as I would have liked.

Facials are the best way I find that I can get help with my skin and be able to cleanse it while not over drying it or leaving it feeling like nothing happened at all.

Last night, I did a Coconut Honey Facial. But that left my skin feeling bleh. Which is rare even for my skin. It was as if my skin was crying out to me, "please, give me something to cleanse my face the right way!"

So, now I am back to the hippy days, so to speak. 

I am not one to use super expensive face washes because frankly, they are a wash (pun intended) of your money most of the time. I don't think every facial wash is, but a lot other there over promise and don't deliver. 

I have found, this above all the other facials....

I am not saying this to sell you anything because:

a) it costs nothing (no, really, it doesn't)
b) it lives up to my ideals of reducing and reusing what is already around us 
c) I do not benefit from sharing this with you except to help you

So what is this recipe?!!

Oh, wait for it... SO simple you will be asking how you didn't think of this already!

You can even make it part of your morning routine after you drink your morning cup of Joe or keep for later! 

3 Ingredients you have in your kitchen and use everyday!

Leftover Coffee + Coffee Grinds
1 tsp- 1 tbsp Honey
Dash of Salt

So how do you make this amazing facial wash?!

Step 1) Get Yo Coffee Grind On

With a French Press:
I use a French Press everyday. I swear by it. So after you finish your coffee and get every cup out, take out the plunger/filter that you push the coffee down with, and then pour all that into a small mixing bowl. Usually, there is liquid coffee left after this. If not, add a little bit of water. 

With a conventional coffee maker: 
Save a little bit of the coffee at the bottom of the caraf and then take out the coffee grinds and dump them from the filter itself into a bowl. 

Step 2) Add The Honey. 

How much honey you want in this mix will depend on where you skin is. (Another beauty of doing a DIY face wash because you can tailor to your skin for the day). I prefer to do in between. 

Step 3) Add in a dash of Salt. 

A little bit of sweet and salty-- and, if I do have to say it, while it is edible, I suggest you don't. 

Step 4) Mix

I just used a fork lightly to mix it. Super simple. 

Step 5) Try Out Your Halloween Skills! Mask Yourself!

Put it on your face and leave for 5 minutes. You won't be able to use all of it most likely so what you can do is actually just jump in the shower and use it for your body as well. (Well, let's be honest here, you likely have acne other places on your body as well besides just your face). If no acne in other places in your body, you can still use this as a plain body scrub.

After you are done washing it off, you shouldn't have to add an other facial washes or even lotions or potions after you get out. The natural oils in coffee and the honey will leave your skin feeling very soft! You may not even be able to stop touching your face to feel how soft it is... though you should try not to. 

I have several other things that I use coffee grinds for because honestly there is no way I am doing this every day. So I will share another day and time the other ways I use coffee and coffee grinds, but for now, enjoy this and hope it is helpful for you!

This recipe is fully my own and I don't claim it will work on everyone. However, I hope it is helpful to you as it has been me over the years.

And remember, drink lots of water-- it helps your skin a ton. I need to do this more too!


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