Sunday, April 9, 2017

Only Love Today

Sometimes we all forget the midst of the busy life we have about just living in the moment and in love. So, since this is a common thread that can unite us all as we enter in a busy but beautiful time, which is spring, that this would be a great book to review.

Plus, who doesn't want to read a book that has the sub text of:

"Reminders to breathe more and Stress Less and Choose Love"?

Meaning-ful over meaning-less. 

What a powerful concept and such a great reminder .

"Only Love Today.... it's clarity when you are conflicted"
"Only Love Today... it's unity when you are divided"
"Only Love Today...  it's relief when you are hurting"
"Only Love Today... it may be the reset button you are looking for"

I actually reviewed one of Rachel's previous books; Hands Free Life

The book is hard cover. Which, if you know me, is like instant brownie points. Durability of a book is important to me.

So I am very excited to review this one now. And it's a big book too.

Things I like about it are that there are quick reads. Each topic is a quick read. Not meant to be a full devotional as to make the expectations on you that you change but more ideas and stories for you to learn from when you can.

You can swap chapters instead of a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 read-in-order kind of reading. You can skip pages or chapters if you need to which I also appreciate because you are never in the same path as someone else. And you are never in the same mood either. So you can flip back and forth as you need to.

The one thing I would change about it is the fact that I would really want to have the days on their own page. Not having the the new day start half way on the page for the day before. That being said, it would make the book longer in terms of the number of trees used to make the book in the first place.

Within a few minutes each day, you will be thinking about something you hadn't before and how you can change it.

This will be book I will be looking forward to reading day in and day out. Even skipping a day here and there, coming back to a book that keeps me grounded and focused on my heart and how I love so deeply rather than the business of life.

Thank you Rachel, for once again, teaching us how to stop and pause. One of my favourites thus far is the six second challenge. Anything can happen in that time. What a thought!

I give this book ☀☀☀☀☀ out of 5.

Book Description

Only Love Today is the inspirational read from best-selling author of Hands Free Mama, Rachel Macy Stafford. Millions of Stafford’s fans from her blog and her books find hope, challenge, and inspiration through her poetic and powerful short pieces on her blog. Only Love Today brings these pieces and many new, original entries together in a beautiful book based around the four seasons. From finding daily surrender in the autumn and daily hope in the winter, to daily bloom and daily spark in the spring and summer, you will always find fresh beautiful words for your day.
With a flexible, non-dated structure, Only Love Today is perfect to pick up at any time of the year and find hope and encouragement to address your current challenge or need – family, parenting, relationships, finding peace in a stressed out world. Stafford offers you strength and vision for a new and more connected way to live. This is a timeless book of inspiration to remember and live for what really matters.

* I received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest review * 

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