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Achieve Art at Any Level

Achieve Art at Any Level

We get to review Entire Level II of and by ArtAchieve.

Something that I really like about being able to review this product is because my kids love to draw when guided or taught how to do it but simply put, need more defined lessons to be able to do it.

What is great about this is that you can pick and choose lessons you want to learn for quite the reasonable price or do the entire level. It is entirely up to you!
Achieve Art at Any Level
My kids choose to do the Japanese Goldfish first.
My Japanese father and grandmother would be proud. (Truth, promise).

At the beginning of the lesson, they teach the kids how to get into a quiet mind and space before doing it. They also go through what art is and how it is meant for only them and to do it for themselves. I love this aspect that they shared with the kids so that way they can feel motivated to do it the way they want to do it.

When it takes you step by step in the power point presentation, I really like that it shows you the overall picture of what it will look like as well. So step by step you will see the current step you are on, including points of reference, or the next line to make and then the upper left hand corner will have a picture of the finish product.

Achieve Art at Any Level

The way the art lessons are done are in such a way that even the kid that has the least patient temperament can do this as well and not feel frustrated. Sometimes my kids can struggle with the perfectionism complex, as well as many of us adults do, and so trying something new was hard for them to start. One thing I had to keep telling my children as they were doing The Japanese Goldfish project was that they don't have to get it perfect by any stretch of the imagination because art is something that is personal (like stated above) but it was amazing that in a socio-cultural expectation of perfectionism how many times I had to remind them of this. They finally let go and started adding their own designs as you can see above.

 The walk through of each step and the clarity that it provided really helped my kids. Even my daughter is complimenting my youngest on being able to draw well. In fact, all three of my children, ages 6 to 11, (wow, now I am feeling old writing that down in numbers) did this! Even though it was meant more for my middle child, who I was focused on because she loves art, I was able to have my Kinder and my middle schooler follow along and do it.

The complexity is definitely aligned with the motor skills of the suggested ages because my kinder, my 6 year old, started getting more ad-libby with the drawing as time went on. That was okay because it meant they could personalise their Japanese Goldfish more.

The nice thing I like about it is that it is age based but it also allows a 7 year old who doesn't have a lot of artistic ability to be able to do Level II. As I am sure the other levels do as well. This is important because every skill level is different.

I can't wait to continue to use this product and think everyone will enjoy it-- even parents. Art is one of the best therapies, I am telling you. Taking a few minutes away from the stress of life is always a great thing.

From Art Achieve themselves::
"Generally, Level I is appropriate for ages 5 and up, Level II for ages 7 and up, Level III for ages 9 and up, and Level IV for 10 and above. That said, a person with no background in drawing might be wise to start with Level I. (Try the free Czech Cat lesson to see if Level I offers too small a challenge if you are not sure)"

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