Monday, May 15, 2017

Troop 5823 Girl Scout Cookie Season 2017 Feedback Form

Based on past few years, including this one, we are thinking of changing up a few things about cookie season.

This is not to deter for girls who want to make their high goals. We have always sent multiple people to the GSCNC top 100 and always sent 1 girl for 3 years running into the top 15.

While this is our biggest fundraiser, the leadership has a proposal that we think everyone will be on board with, but want to make this a troop decision.

Since one person (me) heads cookie season while holding down a lot of other scout leader volunteer positions on top of my regular life, I am thinking about cutting a few weeks of cookie season down at the very least.

If you were in the troop during cookie season, regardless of what happens next year, please fill this out. It's a few questions but super helpful. It is helpful to your leadership so we can make the best troop possible. Your answers as well are not shared beyond leadership and are completely anonymous. 

*** There will be a separate survey for the 2016-2017 scouting year, so look for that to voice your opinions beyond cookie season ***

Please look over the changes and let me know if you agree to them:

#1  1-2 cookie booths per girl (for the troop cookie booth patch)

#2  We will still do cookie season + fall product but we would focus on other fundraisers (ice skating etc) that already have proven to work and help

#3  Cut cookie season by about (at least) 2-3 weeks and in exchange free up all of our time and raise dues by $30 since our time is very valuable and I want to honor your time and mine (those on financial aid, we will work with you, so don't worry).

Let me know if you have questions!

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