Thursday, July 20, 2017

Coconut Docinhos

I, Via Bella, want to introduce you to a good friend of mine from San Francisco, California! We have known each other, dare I say, more than a decade and a half now! She is amazing and going to share some knowledge on Health and Wellness! 

Hey, guys! I'm Jessica Young, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and lifestyle coach.  I'm so honoured to be here!  To celebrate, let's start with a Brazilian-style recipe called Coconut Docinhos, meaning "candy".

Now, I don't usually have condensed milk sitting around the house, so what to do in a pinch?  Make your own!  I've got coconut milk in the fridge, so let's do this thing!

Non-Dairy Condensed Milk Ingredients:
~ 3 coconut milk
~ 1T stevia
~ Vanilla extract
~ Stevia

Cook coconut milk and stevia over low heat until the volume's reduced to 1c.  Stir occasionally to prevent burning/sticking to the pot.  Add vanilla extract & salt.

Tada!  Ok, time to make those scrumptious docinhos!

Coconut Docinhos Ingredients:
~ 1T butter
~ 14oz sweet condensed milk
~ 0.5c coconut milk
~ A bunch of coconut flakes

Melt butter in a pan.  Add sweetened condensed milk and mix.  Add coconut milk and mix.  Cook on medium heat until reduced and thick, stirring often.  

The consistency will tell you when it's done. 

 If you scoop and it can stay apart like parting the Red Sea, that's how you know it's ready for the next step.

  Spread it onto a plate (or keep it in the pan for fewer dishes to wash) and chill for at least 1 hour. 

 Take little chunks, roll into balls, and coat with coconut flakes.  

Place on a decorative plate or in a cute laser-cut cupcake liner (link at the bottom👇).

ET voilà!  Coconut Docinhos ... Enjoy!

Best in health,

Jessica M. Young
Fitness Professional  |  Dance Instructor

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