Friday, July 21, 2017

When Parenting isn't Perfect

“When parenting isn't perfect” is a book by Jim Daly that was actually intrigued to read because as we know parenting is not perfect and I wanted to learn more about how to not expect that from myself.

In the first part of the book, and from the very get-go, you can tell that this is a book that is heavily reliant on Christianity and the Bible. It also felt very reliant on that in the beginning and it does get better in the second chapter and on through story telling of parenting and it's ups and downs. But that first chapter-- to be honest with you this was a huge tremendous turn off for me and I literally shut the book before I finish reading the first page. Not because it was based on faith but how it was boasted.

Only because of the societal standard of perfection is often equivalent to things that we can turn around see that are in the church including its own hypocrisy. So for me this was a big struggle for me and I kept reading and I tried really hard to keep an open mind and I'm very glad that I did.

I was honestly preparing to give this book to another parent that I know would really enjoy it because it just did not feel like it really spoke to me but the more that I read it the more that I found that it is trying to teach some of the principles of basic parental love and not expecting us to be perfect as parents nor our children to be perfect for us.

I think that regardless if you're a Christian or not there's a lot that you can learn from this book but I do wish they would not have included so much heavily Christian words, theology and ideology only because I felt it was every other sentence that was speaking of Christianity in a heavily conservative way in the beginning of the book that I generally do not completely agree with.

That being said, after the first chapter it eased off and it was more about storytelling and wanted to learn through those experiences. That there are some very real situations that happen.

I do think those that can read past that, will be able to get a lot out of this book because of the fact that it is well written and has some good things in it.

Because of the limitations the writer puts on themselves though through the tone of the book, I have to give this book a ☁☁☁ out of 5.

Book Description:
Perfection is the enemy of parenting. Jim Daly sees and hears from mothers and fathers trying hard to pursue perfection. They listen to the best experts and read all the right books. When someone gives them a “World’s Best Mom” or “No. 1 Dad” coffee mug, they want it to be true. And they want their children to pursue perfection, too.

It’s admirable for parents to be the very best moms and dads they can be for their children. But sometimes in so doing, they leave grace behind—both for themselves and their children. Jim believes that our quest for perfection, a quest that he believes is particularly strong among Christians, runs counter to God’s own boundless gift of grace. We can become Pharisaical parents, quoting endless rules and holding everyone to impossible standards. But God doesn’t want us, and our kids don’t need us, to be perfect. As parents, we’re called to simply do our best. And when we fail—which we will—we’re called to try again tomorrow.

Though he’s the President of Focus on the Family, Jim does not promise that his book will be a catalyst for a perfect family. But it can help point the way toward a good family—one that feels safe and warm; one filled with love and laughter. This book will encourage mothers and fathers to embrace the messiness of parenthood and show grace to their own less-than-ideal children. Jim, through his own experiences, expertise, and array of stories, will lead both moms and dads to a better understanding of what being a good family is all about.

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