Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks

My son is in first grade and frankly, handwriting hasn't been something he has been practicing as much as I want so we are pleased to review Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad - PreK-1st, which is part of Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks

So, not that his handwriting is bad, but we all know that public schools don't do the best in helping to make sure that this is a skill that is taught more and more. In fact, because of the modernisation of computers, a lot of schools are relying more on teaching typing and auto correct rather than handwriting and grammar.

Now, thankfully, handwriting is something I feel is important. It translates to being able to think with the whole brain and not just with typing. They use different parts of the brain especially when it comes to grammar and critical thinking which is the next step.

So reviewing this product was easy for me because I fully and with all my heart believe in giving kids the best education possible. And one of those core subjects for younger kids is handwriting which will be able to not only improve their writing but self expression.

When my son sat down, we decided to get creative with it since he already knows how to write the alphabet. He just became a tiger scout in cub scouts and as his leader I would love for him to be able to know the law by heart, which is part of his bob cat requirement.

So I wrote the law as individual words for him to copy down and then we would talk about what each of them meant.

The cub scout/boy scout law is this:

A scout is:

Now that I am using it for handwriting, I can't wait to use it to try to get him to clean his room... Ha ha. 😂😉

When writing, he choose the word "Kind" first. So I had him write it three times. We talked about what kind meant. What does kind mean to you?
Then we did obedient (HIS choice, interestingly), Trustworthy, Friendly, Cheerful.

What I really like about this writing book is that it gives three lines and it shows you how to write them accordingly on their page. It teaches them where each letter goes, both capital letters and lower case letters. It also shows where the lower case Y goes. Which a lot of handwriting pages totally miss. So then kids have a hard time adjusting for space on the page when writing. 

This has helped his handwriting, in my opinion, get better with time. There is a lot of practice needed when it comes to handwriting. And I fully believe in doing both the handwriting and the meaning of words at the same time. 

He got into writing them (before deciding to get up and draw on the white board lol) so I had to redirect him back.

The idea of crossing the learning experiences of both handwriting and vocabulary I believe is a lost art so I was glad to be able to do this for him. I think it will give him a leg up in being able to memorise the scout law for his bob cat badge.

This was more structured and step by step (with the lines) that it was more helpful for him than the pages you generally buy at the dollar store- which is saying something. I fully believe in helping him prepare fully for the coming years of essays and critical thinking. This is that first step. 

Overall, this is great for younger kids! I highly suggest it. 

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