Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Math Refresher for Adults

Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials is a new book, from close to where I used to live, to help adults with their math (and we get to review today)!

Why are there other reasons you may need this book?

* Math is evil... (but it's not really)
* You don't remember it from when you learned it
* You have to take entrance exams for colleges or programs or work
 * Sat/Psat prep
* PRAXIS prep
* Want to help kids with homework
* You are bored and want to challenge what you remember
* You are prepping for "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

For reals, though, I am impressed by this book.

Benefits of the book/program

* It's a workbook
* It gives you space to work the problems out (though you may still need more space)
* It doesn't over do it or under do it in terms of covering the materials
* You don't get bored with it easily
* There are not just one but two websites for you with videos
(www.mathessentials.net) & (www.nonsensealegbra.com)
* They give you a code especially for you that in the book that is for your access for the second website. That is great because you can't lose the code in a note. Which I would do. Because, well, I have kids.

What is covered?

* Whole Numbers
* Fractions
* Decimals
* Percents
* Geometry
* Integers
* Charts
* Graphs
* Word Problems
* Pre Algebra
* Algebra

Social Media Links:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/math.essentials/

Math Refresher for Adults {Math Essentials}

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