I am a mother of three vivacious children, who are growing faster than I can keep up with sometimes.
 We live in Washington D.C. and have for almost 6 years though we are native to California. 

I love to get creative with life and do everything! In fact, some would describe me as an endless ball of energy that loves people and am very outgoing. I may also be an overachiever as well! 

I work very hard doing many things, of course !

I am an independent consultant for Ranstad. I am a marketing assistant for K12 Inc. I am a home school teacher to three children. I am a blogger. I am a writer. I am a boy scout leader. I am a cub scout leader. I am a girl scout leader. I am basically out to change the world with my heart!

Basically, I love...

"Shooting for the Moon, 
                 Ending Somewhere in the Stars"

Enjoy the journey with me!

(Feel free to contact me viabella.thebeautifullife@gmail.com)

Here is some posts about me! 

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