Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Inside Out Movie Review

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Due in Theatres 19 June 2015. 

My status after the movie: "My little ones will be dreaming of "their little ones" Ba ha ha"

One movie that as the movie goer next to me said, not the lightest of Disney's movies but very good. He even thought it was better than Tomorrowland. A movie I had been wanting to see. 
I agree with him on the movie being heavier in nature for Disney, but enlightening, if you let it be. 

I think they got together with a psychologist to play the reverse-psychology game on movie goers. I see what you did, Disney. Well played, or tried. 
It does make you think.

Joy, Sad, Anger, Disgust and Fear.
The five main "little people" in each one our heads. 
What do yours say or do?
How do they influence?
Has your "Joy" tried to over triumph over your "sad"? 
Or has your "sad" triumphed your "joy"?
When is the last time you got in touch with how you really feel?

I liked this movie a lot. There is humour in it, as is many Disney movies, that is tailored for the parents to get and enjoy too. We do need that.
It is one movie that I think has something for each age level if they want it too- even the teens.

Everyone can relate because at some level we must pick up and move on with our lives. It sometimes interrupts the process that one must take to be in the moment and go through what they are feeling; having to pretend something is OK when it is not. Everyone eventually has to deal with it.

What will these feelings do to help balance a little girl after a big move cross country?
What will happen when Joy tries to always keep things happy even in the midst of a move?
What will Fear, Disgust and Anger do when Joy and Sadness get lost?
Joy has the most to learn, the most to gain, and the most to give.

I think that this is a great movie that the family will all enjoy.

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My grade:

Daughter's Review:
"I would rate it G Awesome LOL!
This is my favorite movie of all times! 
It is really funny and just *hands in the air* get to know your feelings. 
Written by Me." (7 years old) 

Son's Review: 
"I like sadness...but she cries. And Anger has fire on his head. Disgust is like ugh and she push the button. Anger pushes the button and goes arrrggghhhh. Three of them is happy. Fear is like bah! He was scared. Joy is something and ice skates and sunny." (4 years old)

Family Grade:

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