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12 Days in Africa~ Book Review

A-mazing read, as if I were sitting next to and listening to Lisa tell me her story herself. 

I now would like to go and experience all parts of the world. 
I always wanted to so on my own, but this makes that want deeper. 
This especially as someone who grew up disadvantaged in many ways. 
I feel the pain that this woman feels-- both as a mother and someone who has been rock bottom (not of my own doing as a child, so identifying with a few of the small things I can, I can only imagine).

Seeing everyone working for Hope4Kids and Hope4Women knowing every single name of people they came in contact with shows the amazing hearts of those in Uganda loving the people they come in contact with. Changing lives and encouraging kids and women to better their lives. It is amazing to hear their stories and to imagine the change on a grander scale. 

Smile Africa, has my heart. Kids come from surrounding villages to be part of this day care and get one meal a day. Their parents have abandoned them because they come to get a meal instead of going through trash to sell things for the family. If that does not show why their work is important, I don't know what will! To find out more, that clean water is such a necessity to their livelihood and their daily safety to and from school! Why, as one story of a follow new friend in her book, who does a walk to raise money to make sure that kids have clean water (instead of walking miles to carry disease infected water back) in his late wife's honour shows that every bit we do does count. 

There are stories from the people who work with these amazing organisations, as well as those kids who have grown up and been affected by these organisations. I think it is a great fast humble read for everyone (I would suggest for school aged kids that they be in high school to read it to fully understand it and as some things in there do talk of adult nature things briefly but realistically). 

Even as it is written, with some religious content in it, I never read it that way. It was a humble book, a personal reflection of a life changing journey. I say this as a person who is spiritual and believes in God, but do not like reading books that try to over do with "God" and verses. It really bugs me. This book does not do this or focus on it. 

You will overlook the small grammatical errors (which do need fixing and are noticeable, but that is not why she wrote this book) that are in there, if you read that way, as the heart of a woman is revealed. You are walking through the journey with her. 

She, Lisa, as a mother whose sons have gone to college, after the feeling of the empty nest, or emptiness, to find something a new. A new adventure. A new open to a new path where one's "calling" is. 

She not only found it within, she found it without. She is now employed with Hope4Kids. 
I applaud her for following her heart and I do encourage you to read it with an open heart and mind.

All profits from the book go to help build water wells in Africa for children who need clean water desperately. So order your book here: 12 days in Africa (on Amazon, e book or paperback).

I can completely support that- especially as a Girl Scout Leader and taking my kids to protect the water and how we are so lucky to have clean water. 
I will soon post about their Wonders of Water Journey and keep these precious kiddos in mind. 

* I was given the e book to review in exchange for my HONEST opinion of the book. While I received the e-book for free, my review does not get swayed either way by that. 
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#12DaysinAfrica is a mother's story and journey through Africa and serving children and women to better their lives....
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