Monday, September 14, 2015

The (California) Valley Fire- How to Help

I normally don't do post like these but this is personal...
The Valley Fire...has taken....
-- My aunt's shed is gone-- just got AMAZING news (we thought her house burned down, it did not!)
-- So far, 61,000 acres.
-- 1 life (and thankful for the fast evacuation and the saving of lives)
-- thousands of homes and most of downtown

I am SO thankful that she still has her horses and dogs.
I am thankful my aunt was not home because this fire took the term "wildfire" and took off with it.
It hit so fast with little warning.
So huge thank you to the first responders and RIP to the lost life.

My aunt has not been back to her home, as many have not either.
Thankfully her dogs were saved by a friend and her horses let go.
The horses supposedly left the property, met up with other horses that were escaping. In true survivor fashion they became a herd family and stayed together. After the fire they made their way back home to the property. Thoughts that they get water soon and stay safe!

Other people have lost everything. They are waiting until the embers subside to find out the fate of their homes. Many have no medicine, change of clothes, etc with them.

Please keep them in thought and prayer and help out if you can!

I figured one way to help out from 3000 miles away was putting all the links, resources, and sharing a haunting unreal picture via The Press Democrat, with you to help you and those dealing with the fire.

Find out where to get updates, how and where to donate, and if you are a victim of this fire how to check in and sound advice from others.

That being said, pictures say a thousand words...
Picture via Santa Rosa Press Democrat
How to Explain the Weather of It:

Twitter is fired up all about it and you can learn more from many resources and people here!

Get Updates!
Ways to Donate:
Visit and find lots of ways to donate to families, animals, shelters, the city and so many more. More than 30 places are looking for donations! Please do help!

For the Animals:

For those that are evacuees:
Important reminders:

Register at Safe and Well to let people know you are safe or call 1800-RED-CROSS/1-800-733-2767 to let them know you are safe!

If you live just south of this fire in the SF/East Bay...see how big this fire would be if it were there!

Please do help and share this post to help! 

The #ValleyFire has made national news! Please click, share, and help those that have lost their town and homes. I have...
Posted by Via Bella on Monday, September 14, 2015

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