Monday, December 28, 2015

Where The Girl Scout Cookies Go...

No, I am not talking about your hips!....



So we went over a little bit and advise from other leaders around the nation for how to deal with cookie season in part 1.

I posed these questions:

But do you know the work that goes behind it?
Did you know the break down of what troops (the girls) get from that?
Do you know how much work goes into doing a successful cookie season?

I promised to answer them. So here we go.

(And these are based off my knowledge and a lot of work both reading up and getting through cookie season myself as a parent, leader, and cookie mum).

1) What goes Behind It...

Some troops are starting from nothing going into a season of cookies that entails many deadlines, math, advance payments, teaching girls how to do cookie season (take orders, do math, business skills, etc), organisation of girls and their orders, plus cookie booth locations, getting cookies for cookie boothes and guessing at what cookies will sell, etc etc.

2) The Break Down...

...of the cost of where the money for cookies go when you buy a box of cookies.
What it does not say on the website for our council, and I am pretty sure that some of it that goes directly to council goes towards salary-- I would be interested because all Service Unit Managers and Troop Leaders do not get paid. They do, and I am interested how they get the money for the wages. Which may or may not have anything to do with cookie season but does make me curious.

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