Monday, December 21, 2015

Step By Step Guide to Girl Scout Cookie Club

I was inspired to do this to show my new scouts who are over the moon excited how to navigate the different aspects of cookie season. Anyone in the Girl Scouts Nation's Capital area (or even nation wide, but check with your troop or council) will have access to the Cookie Club online. 
This will be the first of many posts for all the girl scouts out there! :) 

If you want to order cookies, feel free to email our troop
We are big troop of 42 girls-- very diverse, socio-economically, religiously and we love it!
Yes, we will ship to you! (you pay shipping of course).
What better way to support an awesome troop?! 

Back to the girl scouts...
I really like the format. 

It teaches the girls so much! 
a) internet safety
b) to set goals for themselves
c) be able to navigate online
d) learn how to do online sales
e) track their progress 

Regardless if you are in my troop or council or not I hope this is helpful. 

Each picture will provide a step by step process and walk you through how to set it up and do it. Once this is done, you should have zero problems navigating cookie club! 

The steps are the same regardless if you are a new scout in our troop or an expert cookie seller in the troop! So your login is the same this year as it was last year, which is the same as in the instructions below. 

Step 1: 
a) Go to

Step 2: 
b) Make sure you sign in as a girl scout

Step 3: 
c) Your login in is already in the system via your hard working troop leader who manually put them in. If you have issues contact them!
d) Your login= your first name as on registration (lower case) + your troop number. IE: Susie1234
Your password = "troop" + your troop number IE: troop1234
* Note this is set by each troop leader, so your troop leader may have choosen a different password for your group!

Step 4: 
The girls have to do an online training for safety reasons. Ie: Do you give your password? This will be super easy and quick. Please do with your scout. It is part of the experience. 

Step 5:
Let the girls answer the questions on their own as much as possible but be beside them to answer questions they have or help them when they don't understand. The goal is for them to learn as part of the experience. 

Step 6: 
Complete the safety certification-- This is when you know you are done. Again, should be quick and painless. 

Step 7:
a) This is where your next page will go. Let your scout choose their goal. A lot of them are going to want the big prize and put 1300 and that is ok. Some will want to put 10,000- that is ok too. The goal is to let them learn to set the goal for themselves. 

Step 8:
b) This is where the scout will say what her goals are. What every girl wants from her troop is different. She may want to go camping while another wants to do hiking. For the customer, it can be best to list what you have done (ie: ice skating, Nationals game, hiking, camping, etc etc) plus what you are wanting to do. 
c) The next one is service related. Like the food drive we did. Have the girls list things they want to do for service projects. Will be super helpful when it comes to the cookie rally and the girls decide what they want to do with their cookie money! 

Step 9: 
This is where you will go to see all the online promises. If someone says that they did the promise, it will show up here instantly. The only way they can do this is you sending them an email. Otherwise it is done manually (like in Step 10). No payment is collected via the online promise. This is an incredibly useful tool for parents. You can also put in when someone pays as well but they do need to pay you or the troop directly (via cash, check, or pay pal as friends). 

Step 10: 
Like the online promises, you will be able to see them in this tab. However, big difference is you manually put it in. This is really an AWESOME feature that you should put in every time you get an order even on your paper form. Why? Because if you lose that paper you have it here! If you don't have email for the person (like a neighbour) you can put address or phone number instead. Also, when you get orders from FB, email, in person, from work, etc etc. 

Step 11:
a) This is where you can check your progress, goals, etc. You can always update these. 
b) Check your tabs. Input your contacts. You can do manually or have it automatically do it for you.
c) Email your friends, family and co workers- any one really who wants to order from your daughter.

Things to Remember: 
-- Your Troop Leader, Troop Cookie Manager are here for you if you have questions.
-- If you can keep your username/password the same that is appreciated (if they allow you to change). This allows for the Troop Leader, who of course will use responsibly and only with your asking, to help troubleshoot issues and do cookie counts if need be for orders. 
-- Emailing is important to getting orders
-- This tool is one of your best friends this season! (Take that from me). It keeps everything in one place for in person/online orders. 

Again, if you want to order cookies, feel free to email our troop
We are big troop of 42 girls-- very diverse, socio-economically, religiously and we love it!
Yes, we will ship to you! (you pay shipping of course).
What better way to support an awesome troop?! 

Can't wait to get OUR COOKIE ON!
GO TROOP 5823! 

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