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How to Master the Art of Freaking Out & Overcome Fear

What are the things that you fear the most? We all have fears. You can think about your fear, write the fear down, journal your fear, but at the end of the day, you need to acknowledge the fears you have.

So if we have these fears or insecurities, why do we hold onto them? More over, the real questions come in how to deal with it- especially with all the social cliques around it.

How do you master the art of freaking out? How do you overcome fear?

In the book "How to Live in Fear" he tries to go over his own personal journey.

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His hopes are that this will help you personally or help you help someone who struggles with fear, panic attacks, or any disorder or illness related to it. That it does happen to any one and everyone and that you can get over it, or at least fight it.

He says that the reason that he wrote this was mainly to say five words to you, the reader.
"I know how you feel."

Lance has revealed not just any fluffy part of his life, but the real deep dark part of his life. How many people do that? Not many. We are taught that our lives should exist in the same format as that of Facebook posts. It is entertaining or happy. Not too many in betweens. And that is just not real.

So for anyone, especially a pastor of thousands, to admit the bad. As a pastor, most would want to reveal only the good in their lives- because they are suppose to be the upmost closest to God, right? Sometimes, I have always said, that we put too much stock in pastors as more Godly than they are and less human than they really are. They are people just like we are. Their purpose is just as ours is, just theirs more of a spiritual realm.

Lance says something profound: "I know I am a child of God, and I am still scared." This coming from a pastor who had even other pastoral staff tell him he was not believing in God enough because he was experiencing panic attacks. Contradictory much? I think what he says is profound! It is humble and not arrogant like many Christians who boast. That alone is REAL and makes me want to read a lot more.

We always ask the questions of "why me?" when it happens to us as an individual. Why did we lose our loved ones? Why are we getting divorced? Why did we get hurt? Why do I suffer daily from panic attacks? I am not saying any of these are mine, but they are universal. Lance covers his daily panic attacks though.

He talks about growing up in the 80s and the Cold War era where everyone thought they were going to die. And if they did not die because of the Cold War and a nuclear weapon should it come, they surely were not right with God because they were not just taken and left here to hell. Well, of course, that is definitely anxiety and fear at it's finest.

But think about the news that we watch. It aids and encourages feeling afraid that something may happen. That same fear Lance has I am sure is replaying for many-- including him-- with the news of North Korea sending a nuke into the Ocean. Sure to be WWIII, in many opinions. I wrote a book review here about the school system where the author in my opinion takes it too far about what is wrong with school systems in America and why it very well could be the evil of all.

So the news only aids and encourages these panic attacks or fear in someone that already suffers. And especially in this day and age you can not run from the news. You can turn off the TV, not look at news on your smart phone, and somehow you will still find out about it.

He talks about when fear kicks in it is hard to or you start to:
1. Assess
2. Make False Assumptions
3.  Give into Paranoia
4. Develop a Us Against Them Mentality
5. Indulge in Fantasy
6. Allow the Fear to Escalate
7. Focus on ourselves
8. Try to gain control where we can

He goes on to talk about how medication is a taboo for many-- especially for a pastor to be taking. After all, he is the closest to God, right? But that is not that case. Many people take medicine, just like when you take Advil for muscle cramps. Yet, somehow that is more acceptable.

I like this book as a personal experience and to be able to understand where they are coming from. Not so much as a self help-- but it may be helpful to someone who chronically suffers from it. It definitely helps to understand the chronic, not just mild forms of fear, that can take over you. So, just being mindful of those around us, even strangers, that there is much going on under neath it all for them. And being mindful to that can be super helpful for them and calming our own minds as well so we can move on with every day life. And if we need to, to read this book, take medicine, and most of all know we are not alone.

I know someone, and in good scouting spirit, will be handing this book to them in hopes that they will know they are not alone and loved. So thank you Lance, for sharing your story. And for being from California! Go SacTown!

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