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5 Cool Ways GREEMU Can Work for You

I get to try out and review GREEMU from Devonian Health and Beauty! How cool is that?

They just came out with this to add to their beauty and product line.

What are the 5 cool ways that it can work for you? Read the post and see if you can spot them!

About this Product:

So what is beauty oils?
They help with fine lines, wrinkles, make your skin more elastic, helps with dryness. It also protects the outer layer of skin as well as help any future damage that may occur due to natural and environmental causes.

You can also use beauty oils for hair. I don't know about you or your kids, but me and mine have thick hair (one thin hair) but we all get massive tangles in our hair. One reason I like to wear a bun in my hair a lot! This can help de-tangle and protect against broken ends as well as keep moisture in.

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Emu oil is an oil that comes from Australia and has been used for thousands of years. As you may understand, the use of animal derived oils in the beauty industry has gone down a huge deal. More people are optioning for plant based oils.

That is where GREEMU comes into play. It was researched for a while before devising a perfect oil that simulated Emu oil but made solely from plants and butters.

Green+ Emu = GREEMU

GREEMU is made out of 5 things:
1) Macadamia Oil- represents regenerative properties. Has your omegas!
2) Organic and sustainable Palm Oil-- represents natural antioxidants and vitamins
3) Shea Butter- represents protective and emollient properties.
4) Sunflower Seed Oil- represents protecting your face against acne and eczema
5) Rice Bran Oil- represents hindering UV rays and anti-aging. Japanese beauty secret.

What I feel about this product:

A few things I LOVE about this company before using the product.
1) All the info above the sent to me so I knew exactly what is in the product
2) It is smartly packaged. It is a such a pet peeve of mine when I get a huge box for a small product. 3) GREEMU Oil Certification of Analysis on the oil I received with a batch number on it!

I open this product and one thing I automatically love is that it is free of fragrance. While I love something that smells good, when I read how it can help eczema, my first thought is a lot of products have smells in them. This is not helpful for those that have eczema and can cause problems. It just re-certifies to me how this product is natural and right for my family!

It is travel size and it has a silky like feeling that doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. This is HUGE. I love that it my extra virgin olive oil (evoo) and coconut oil. But I love this because it doesn't live you feeling you put something on your skin while still moisturizing this.

I personally used it in my hair and I liked it because it helped without adding an oily film to my hair too. So don't think that this is just about skin. My nephew struggles with eczema and I know this would help him a lot. Now, I just have to get one to ship to Indonesia, where he is!

It is also perfect for after you get out of the bath for kids and adults. You can use it instead of lotion and I did. It was really nice. I bet that it is good for scars too. Although I have not tried it for that or for fine wrinkles, the idea that you are moisturizing your skin with something pure is great.

We used this product and love it. I am sure you will too!

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