Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Does it Mean to be a Brave Girl?

I am going to do a blog post just addressing my view on what it means to be a "brave girl" but before I do that, I will do a book review that uses that title for a book.

I picked this book for my daughter because she has been having big struggles with faith. Granted I am not one to push faith because I highly believe it is something personal but when researching this book, I thought this could be good for her to explore that and find more of her inner strength reading and doing this devotional. I thought this because this book is written for young girls with growing inner faith and self esteem as a focus.

She struggled to even want to open the book the moment she saw bible verses in there. *Sigh*

I have finally gotten her to say that she will try it. It took some, no, a lot of convincing her. The only reason I wanted to do this because I think the simple act of doing a daily devotional is important. Especially one that is written for a young girl to help grow her sense of self. I told her if she wanted that she could skip the parts she does not like so that way she gets something good out of it. My goal or hope is that it will spark something in her to come back to it later.

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I like that each day has just one to two pages but I wish they had a journal page to go with it. It would add so much value and show the true value of a 90 day devotional. That way girls have a more active role in it. I think the reading for this level of child, can be a little bit longer as my 8 year old reads full chapter books.

I like that this is a prayer point at the end of each day. I wish though that they did more as an affirmation if it were more truly about the "beautiful you" that they are trying to promote.

Also, as a point of advise to the author and publisher- it would be nice to have one be for believers and one for those that are having a hard time believing (so far more subtle but still have faith in it) and even one for non-believers. Mainly, it would be nice for those girls looking to grow their faith but struggling with it just as much as those that completely believe. Not only will your reach be farther, you can even help more girls.

I love that the cover has girls from different racial backgrounds and shows we are all different and all beautiful. I really appreciate that. To be honest, it is something that draws me to it. The title, like my daughter but to a far less degree, I think should reflect the true nature of the book. It doesn't feel quite right as a fit for what they book is.

I am hoping share this with my daughter when she feels more ready for it (should she decide like I said that one day she is okay with doing it and another day not). I know she took a lot of convincing to try it. I just wish that it fit more to their reading level. It feels a little juvenile for even where my eight year old reads.

Some of the pages and topics are spot on and so good but others feel like complete fillers for a day. Some of them challenge the girls to do better for themselves, their families, and in the community. Some though play to the fact that they are girls. This could be the tomboy mum in me but some of the super girl stuff in it does not go over well with me because girls come in different forms and thoughts. Needs balance. I think that overall it is decent but could be better with a few changes.

I would give this a 3 out of 5.

A Brave Girl's Review:

"The author should make it less about God and more about the people's inner beauty. The author should change the title. I think the author could be a bit smaller and on the other side. I think it will inspire other girls to be the best person they can be. And I think it that is the most special thing."
~ Via, Eight years old

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