Tuesday, May 3, 2016

7 Things You Can Hide As a Damsel in Defense

Oh, this post, is all about protecting yourself!
No hiding anything, just protecting oneself.

As a woman, with kids, I know how it is to need to protect yourself.
I live in the city, you can't just leave something hanging out in a car- that is asking to be broken into. Instead, you have to be extra vigilant to protect your belongings. Truth.

So I am reviewing the Sassy spray/lotion and no, it is not pepper spray. It is a container that you can use to protect yourself by simply not putting on display what you have. You put in it things you normally would have in the back pocket or in your jacket pocket. You take those keys out and throw them on the table or the cash you have when you come into the house or hotel and it isn't the best idea.

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Let's speak it from the aspect of having kids. Any mum can attest to having their kid go through their purse. They like to rummage through it. Think about if you leave cash or your keys or jewelry even on the table, say, in the hotel room while traveling and they somehow get it and think it is the perfect time to play hide and seek. This happens. Oh yes it does. And the last thing you want is to be pissed because you can't find something. Imagine being able to put all this into a jar to prevent it from ending up in 5 different places. Plus, your kids are not apt to want to play with hair spray or lotion bottles. So your things are kept safe so you can access them the minute you need them.

This allows you, especially when traveling, to be discrete about what you have. You must have something like this to protect your stuff. What I like about this is that you have something so practical as your diversion. Hair spray or lotion. Nothing more practical than that for a woman. You either use hair spray or you use lotion. If you don't, you are one of the few.

So what kinds of things can you put into your spray/lotion diversion container?

1. Money
2. Medicine
3. Jewelry
4. Your Damsel in Defense Holler Hers Alarm
5. Portable sewing needle and thread
6. First Aid Kit Stuff
7. Anything Small

And that is JUST the beginning. You can add anything. Anything you need or want to hide when you need to. You can throw this to the bottom of your bag, put it on your table, in your bathroom, and even throw on the floor in the car and the appeal to want to take whatever is in there is none! How cool is that?

This has to be one of the most ingenious ways to protect your self in an easy and practical way.
My biggest thing is that they need to bring back the lotion bottle because practically not all women use hair spray so it assumes that when making them what women use most. If we want to make it most affective, we have to make it practical. If my kids know I don't use hair spray they may wonder what's up. Hahaha.

I also would love to see them make one that is flatter because I would love to be able to fit even my Damsel in Defense RDIF credit card holder in there as well. That would be even more rad and practical.

You can order yours here from Keri who has given me this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not asked or forced to write a positive review at all.

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