Thursday, November 3, 2016

In Time For the Elections: The Candidate

No matter who you are voting for this season, be it Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or a third party (or even writing in your cat Boo Boo as president), one can't help but be intrigued by this years election.

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So when a book named The Candidate came up to review my curiosity got peeked and I just had to review it.

When on my girl scout camp out, my co leader took it to read because her baby wasn't wanting to sleep so why not ready while you can?

In the morning she told me that she was not liking the book because it hit very close to home for her. She felt the decisions of the main character were hard but that it replays what societal standards strongly resonate in the minds and hearts of our nation's women.

The chapters are short which is nice if you are reading on the metro or in between teaching kids or just as a quick catch up before going to bed. I know I hate leaving a chapter unfinished so I like that.

What I love in this book is looking at politicians as actors. Some holding a facade that isn't seen on the outside. Begs questions anyways and always of what is behind the doors of each politicians-- not in a personal way... who cares what they like in bed or what breakfast they had... but in the ways that matter. Are they telling truths or is it all rehearsed schemes?

In this case, is Mike Ortiz at the mercy of not what he wants but merely a puppet for some kind of cult activity that is lead or inclusive of what his rich wife wants? Is she really the one pulling the strings and working him like a puppet to what she wants? Or is there something much bigger at play here...

This is a perfect quote and so incredibly true (and sad): "Americans want their presidents and movie stars to be idealized versions of themselves-- better looking, smarter, richer."

The story of this reporter, Erica Sparks, a celebrity in her own right, is also a single mum and her story here is super realistic--- in the midst of tragedy, talking to her child is grounding for her as it is for us all. She is having to make the choice between family and work. The balance which is incredibly hard for any mum to make.

This book is proving to be something that could happen today and it's like watching the latest show-- you hate when they go to commercial because it just got good and now I am having a hard time putting this book down to get ready for bed!

This book is very well written and one I am glad I chose. It is a suspense story that is a lot like what you would see on say, Law and Order, but instead of it being about crime, it is about the election, the candidates, the process, and the sometimes ugly truth of it all.

I had a very hard time putting this book down. It is a great book to be sure! I highly suggest you read it! It makes one my my top favourites and Lis Wiehl, the New York Times Best Selling Author has done an amazing job with this!

So... when are you going to read it?

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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