Saturday, December 24, 2016

Watch For the Light This Advent Season (Win It)

So this is a book I thought would be a perfect gift for my mum (in law).
Many people are getting books from me this Christmas, Ha!

Watch For the Light This Advent Season (Win It) , book review, help me find my birth siblings, giveaway, enter to win

But this was one I thought would be great for her because it is about Advent and Christmas. More than anyone, I think she would appreciate this the most. It seems that after losing her mum this year and the announcement of her son and I separating that there is nothing more helpful for someone of faith than readings during the holiday season meant specifically with Advent.

There is many blessings in our relationship that I am grateful for-- we are able to be family and love each other without letting the separation affect it and I truly hope it to remain that way.

Sometimes the best times to read these kinds of books are not when one person is at their best but at the point in their lives that they have so much going on or so much on their minds that they need the seclusion within their own faith.

Seeing how I am struggling with my faith in a lot of ways, that will be exactly the place from which I will be reviewing this book.

It is written well as a story telling piece within the readings for each day. Of course, because they are varying differences in the days, there is a clear difference between the day to day messages. One day can be more "Christian" than the other. I do feel that it is heavily leaning conservative but not so much so that one can not be liberal and enjoy this book as well. I say that because I don't necessarily speak politically. In religion, there are different fields of views that come into a church every Sunday. Even within one church body.

This books hits many subjects and in good classical look is written by many different authors.I like this because you can get a taste for different writing styles as well. There are poems, some scripture, theological thought, philosophical thought, pieces of advise, and so much more!

I can't wait to give this book, and also it being Christmas I really appreciate that they do the full season until well into January. Especially since I am giving it as a Christmas/Hanukkah present.

You can win this book!

Come win one for you, your child, or someone you know. 
You can have it sent directly to them!

This giveaway will be a little bit different. 

Since I am looking for my biological siblings, you will go this post "You Can Help Me Find My Siblings for The Holidays This Year" and comment or share the post for your entry. This helps you win this book but it hopefully helps me find my siblings which is so important to me! So thank you for taking the extra step! Thank you!

Thank you and enter away (and often)!!!

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* I received this book in exchange from the publishing company, Plough, in exchange for my review*

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