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8 Great Smarts: Discover & Nurture Your (Child's) Intelligences

So I put child's in parenthesis in the subject line for a reason. While this book is focused on children, we can also apply the same principles, I think to ourselves.

The book goes through different styles of learning and how to nurture them.

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The long lived adage that every person is unique is one of truth and confusion all the same. The word unique can have negative connotations for some people, but it isn't that at all. What makes one person unique from another?

How is this different than personality tests? I know, I am an ENFT, or an INJP, but what does that really mean?

I have three very different children.

My eldest, is currently a beanstalk who loves science.

My middle, loves music and art.

My youngest, my little Buddha, is by far, well versed in math.

The Eight Intelligences: (Page 18) 
Dr Armstrong's Labels// Dr. Gardner's Labels// Think With
Word Smart         // Linguistics intelligence // Words
Logic Smart // Logical-Mathematical intelligence// Questions
Picture Smart // Spatial intelligence // Pictures
Music Smart // Musical intelligence // Rhythm/melodies
Body Smart // bodily-kinesthetic intelligence// movement/touch
Nature Smart // naturalist intelligence// Patterns
People Smart // intrapersonal intelligence// People
Self Smart // intrapersonal intelligence// Reflection

One of the most important things as a parent is to be able to recongise the smarts our kids have and to be able to foster it. Kathy Koch brings up a great point about children who have to live in survival mode due to finances or otherwise or struggle or have abuse going on struggle more with developing these and it takes longer.

So being able to harness this in your children is very important as well as yourself. Don't stop growing yourself while guiding your children. In fact, a lot of growth comes from it.

Know yourself and your strengths as well.

Think of it this way... you are working and you need a well oiled machine to work properly. If you are able to grow in your intelligences, and they are able to grow in theirs, there is no telling what good can come from that.

Also, important to note, that no one person has just one.

I reviewed this book because I really wanted to be able to help know my children's core intelligences and to be able to build them up in a super healthy awesome way.

As some who has worked in the classroom, these kinds of things need to be strongly communicated and trained for teachers so they understand their students better. When we are able to do that, we can more adequately teach them to succeed.

In talking about behaviour, I love posing this question to kids:

"How can I be smart with my smarts?"

I love the idea of really paying attention to everything about your child. This helps find out their smarts. I do wish they had a quiz in the book to better help guide. But they do provide you with a site and a special passkey for you to use to be able to help find out your child's smarts. But they bring up good points in here. What do they talk about after school? What do they like to do? How do they use their words? What do they spend their money on? What happens when they are mischievous?

This helps guide you to their smarts.

As you can tell... this book is out there to help a lot.

I highly suggest this book to parents of any kids--- newborn to adult. This is going to tremendously help you and be like a tool in your kit to be able to use throughout your life and relationship with them. I am definitely grateful for this book.

I easily give this five stars... or five snowmen ⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄... it's the first five of the year!

* I was given this book by Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion* 

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