Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Own It!

The Power of Women... Owning it...

Doesn't that sound like a good follow up book to the Women's March on Washington? 

So I am reading this book called "Own It" by Sallie Krawcheck!

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Hearing her story is inspiring-- someone who held jobs, a woman no less, in a field that few women have knowledge in let alone the experience. Wall Street. She has had some very high level jobs there and worked for the top organisations that deal with our money on massive scales.

However, that is not the least amazing part of this story-- did you think it was?

No. Of course you didn't....

She helps you by giving your reality of the work force as a woman but also as a woman who is helping other women in feeling that THEY BELONG where they are and they have more potential than they think.

She goes over the way that the world of work is changing:
1) The increasing Recognition of What We Women Bring to the Party
2) The Business World is rapidly changing... and so are the drivers of success- in a way that makes the skills we women bring to the world place more valuable than ever
3) Technology is also increasing our career options... and thus increasing our power
4) We have ecenomic power-- more than we know

She also goes over the "Six Things We Have Going for Us"

Trait #1 Risk Averse or Risk Aware?
Why women's outlook around corners is just what business needs

Trait #2: We think big picture!
We're better at managing complexity-- and slower at ordering at restaurants.

Trait #3: We're relationship-focused.
How making connections helps us, our companies, and the bottom line

Trait #4: We think long term
How women combat dangerous shortsightedness

Trait #5: We love to learn
How women keep companies ahead of the curve

Trait #6: We care about the "why"
Money is important, but so are meaning and purpose... and newsflash(!), they aren't mutually exclusive

Chapter Four is all about "The Obligatory Ask-for-the-Raise and How-to-Negotiate (with a twist)." Not one I am willing to give away but her insight is good.

Let me say this, it has changed my perspective in the best way towards the work force and towards myself. There is a great deal of awesomeness that women have and we need to be able to harness it instead of trying to constantly meld all the time. That is easier said than done.

I am definitely giving this $$$$$out of five! (aka 5 stars)

* I was given this book by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review * 

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