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Andi Saddles Up... Under the Big Top

I have received You will receive both titles, Andi Saddles Up & Andi Under the Big Top from the new Andi series, Circle C Stepping Stones from Kregel Publications and Susan K. Marlow

I was excited to have my daughter and I review these books for several reasons. My daughter can't keep a book in her hands long enough because she is done with them so fast. To give you an idea, the child that hates doing literature sometimes, checks out up to the limit of books from the library, which is about 50 if I let her. So, when I got the chance to get some books for her to review, I jumped at it because I can teach her a little bit of what I do, but also she can experience new books for herself.

Something else worth mentioning as well is the study guides that you can get at the website. The study guide has you using the book over a longer period of time than what my kids are used to. They are used to doing something more faster paced then this. So if your child can get through the lessons in less than a month, you are doing great. I personally think you can do this in 1-2 weeks but it honestly depends on your children. I really like that they did the study guide with this in such a detailed way. 

The study guides comes as PDF Files and allows you to tailor to your child's needs. It has vocabulary, comprehension, and creative thinking. I really appreciate this. It even has science and invention in there. They can make their own stilts for example. How fun is it to bring a book to life? Due to the massive cold we have had, when we got to this part, we were not able to do it, but I think they would have a blast doing this. I would even do in my girl scout meetings. 

I think this is such a great way to go for lessons and keeps it more low key which I appreciate. 

It took her longer to do the review then it did for her to read the books, to be honest but she did it. I ended up letting her tell you, the reader, more about the story. She choose to do it from Andi's point of view. Here are her reviews that she typed up herself!

Via’s review: Andi saddles up

My name is Andi live in a ranch. I am a girl. My brother is in charge the ranch. His name is Chad. Today is my birthday. I have a hand-me-down saddle.Chad gave it to me. I want a new saddle today. See what happens next. I love the book Andi saddles up because it has lots of adventure. Take a breathtaking so Adventure as Andi makes friends,breaks her arm, have her brother make friends with a enemy, and so much more! 😊. I like this book because it has so much to it and it has a lot of hard things. The way it just breaks through and comes together is really amazing. Really is it anything that I really don't like and they're such good books and it'll do any Improvement that could be made to them it's just amazing Adventure that just comes together I think everybody would just really enjoy it.

I rate this 5 stars. Ages 6+

I wish you have a happy and great day. I hope that you read and review this book too. And I will see you next time.     

Via's Review: Andi Under the Big Top

Andi is back and she's visiting the circus! Have some popcorn. Ssssssshhhhhhhh be quiet​ the show is about to start. The circus is in and so is Andi! Go through an amazing adventure with her with a bareback horse rider champion, horse nappers, and one big surprise. Something that I liked about the book is a whole entire plot. It was really interesting and breathtaking for me. I really liked it because of that and it had a lots of adventure I really like that. The ending was really nice. There wasn't really anything and I didn't like. You should get the books and I guarantee you will have a nice ride at the ranch.

I rate this book 5 stars. Ages 8+.

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