Sunday, April 23, 2017

We Stood Upon Stars

What a lovely sentiment. Right?

Makes one want to get get out side and pack their blanket quick with a picnic dinner. Plans to lay out and watch the stars; it is a beautiful set of plans!

We rarely in our busy lives take time to be outside. We all need to do this more though. That was part of my draw to this book. I wanted to read a book that could help take me on a journey with them and be able to inspire me to do the same with my kids.

The cover of this book just makes you want to get outside and pack for a cross country trip, doesn't it? Pack it up to make memories that last a life time.

This book reads well in some parts and less so in other parts of the book. It feels sometimes that you are jumping in between years in his life. At times it was just harder to keep with because of that.

The beginning of each chapter or essay is a map which is beautiful and makes you want to bust out your colour pencils so you can colour it in. Seriously.... I may do this!

The idea of making maps of where you have been and writing the memories that go with it is a powerful one.

The fact that he visited many places that are not as well known made me really want to read those stories so much more! You learn more about the cultures of each place and the stories behind them and his story all in one.

His writing style is done in such a way that you feel you are reading a story and an experience all in one. The words are descriptive and vivid.

The tag line of the book: "Finding God in Lost Places" left something to be desired because you didn't see how each chapter or mini story connected to being lost or finding God in those places. Not that I am a hunkered down Christian because I am very far from it. I am a spiritual person who finds meaning in many things. At the end of the chapters, I felt there was things missing though.

The transitions between stories was void but I think it was meant that way. It was meant as short stories you can read in the morning over coffee. You of course, find this out for yourself while reading the book.

The chapters are totally different in story and time (and obviously location as it's a travel book). However, it's a great read for short stories. Although, leaves something to be desired.

I give this book ☁☁☁ out of 5.

Book Description:

Get Lost. . . and Find What Really Matters 
We are made for freedom and adventure, friendship and romance. Yet too much of life is spent unfulfilled at work, restless at home, and bored at church. All the while knowing there is something more. You'll find some of life's best moments waiting for you over a campfire, on a river--even in that coffee shop or brewery you didn't know you'd discover along the way. It's time to begin the search. 
In the literary spirit of well-worn tales about America's open road, this poetic, honest, often hilarious collection of essays shows how to embark on adventures that kindle spiritual reflection, personal growth, and deeper family connections. 
From surfing California's coastlines, stargazing southwestern deserts, and fly-fishing in remote mountains of Montana, you'll be inspired to follow the author's footsteps and use the hand-drawn maps from each chapter to plan your own trips. There you will hear God's voice - and it may help you find what you're searching for.

-We search mountaintops and valleys, deserts and oceans, hoping sunrises and long views through the canyons will help us discover who we are, or who we still want to be. The language of our hearts reflects that of creation because in both are fingerprints of God.-
--Roger W. Thompson

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Blogging for Books *

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