Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Okay About It

This book is an easy read and very much one that is in her voice writing which is the style of writing I can identify with well.

With this book, you are welcomed to Lauren Casper's life. No, she is not related to Casper, the friendly ghost. Ha ha. But she has a ghost of her own that she releases by sharing this heart wrenching story of her inability to conceive and then getting the most unexpected blessing that came in the blessing of not just a child, but one that would soon teach her things she would not have thought to come from a child with special needs.

Even more so, with her telling this story, you are getting a glimpse into those that have ASD. ASD if you don't know is Autism Spectrum Disorder. The thing about it is that they will teach you so much that you are incapable of understanding yourself. You will have to remove yourself from your previous thoughts of what it meant to have Autism and see the profoundness in such small ways from such a little person.

With having scouts that have autism or even family members of mine, this give me such a beautiful light into what the mums experience and what it looks like on the daily.

We normally look at life with a broad but focused sense of worldly connection and yet some how miss so much. This book takes you back and forces you to see the small things.

How ASD is not a disorder but blessing.

You feel like you are sitting with Lauren and her telling you about all these experiences that she has experienced with such an openness that you are touched in your heart to see things from now on a little differently.

I highly highly suggest reading this book. For everyone!

I give this book ☀☀☀☀☀ out of five.

Book Description

"Popular blogger Lauren Casper shares poignantly simple yet profound wisdom about removing the barriers we construct around our hearts and doing life full-on, all from the least expected source: her five-year-old son, Mareto.
For Lauren Casper, living with her five-year-old autistic son, Mareto, is a lot like playing the telephone game. He blurts out little phrases that have their origin in something he saw or heard, but by the time they make their way through his mind and back out of his mouth they’ve transformed—often into beautiful truths about living a simple, authentic, love- and joy-filled life.
Mareto has a number of mantras, scripted phrases he says over and over. They seem silly at first, but as Casper has thought about them over time, she’s realized he is actually sharing important life lessons. From “it’s okay about it,” a simple reminder that even when things are painful or difficult, things will be okay because of the God who promises never to leave or forsake his children, to “you’re making me feelings,” which teaches the importance of leaning into one’s emotions and, in doing so, sharing a piece of oneself with loved ones—Mareto’s simple yet profound wisdom is a reminder to embrace the broken beauty of life, to believe in a God bigger than human comprehension, to love others even when it doesn’t make sense, and to find joy in unexpected places.
For all those looking to recapture the faith, simplicity, wonder, hope, courage, and joy of life, It’s Okay About It provides a guide to look inward and live outward, to discover the most wide open and beautiful life possible."

* I received this book in exchange for honest review from Book Look Bloggers * 

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