Tuesday, June 6, 2017

K 5 Learning Review

Sometimes online learning can be super help for kids which is why we are happy to review a six month subscription to the online program by K5 Learning.

My son who is in Kindergarten found that he really liked the program but it was almost simplistic the very very beginning at because for a Kinder it started out with pre kindergarten concepts that he was well aware of already. But quickly after, it got harder and he struggled with rhyming to the point that he left the computer. He was frustrate because the voice would repeat the question more often then he liked.  It took him a few minutes to get back into the groove. I think that he is going to love it actually since he is so much into computers. 

It goes to show that having a supplemental program like this is super helpful in guiding kids to being able to balance how what they are learning with a school program, regardless if it homeschooling or brick and mortar school (aka traditional school setting), with some extra spice in their learning. 

With my 3rd grader, she got into it right away and where other applications and programs have been hard for her to learn from this was not. It was challenging for her, meaning she learned from it, but it did not seem overly test oriented which produces anxiety sometimes for her. 

"It was really helpful. It is really easy to use if you home school and you need help learning what it is teaching. It makes learning fun. Something I would change though is, for example, the fact that you have to keep the tab up to come back to it. If your computer crashes or if you need a break you should be able to save it and come back easier. I think it should have a showing what some words actually meant instead of having the parent having to explain it completely. I would give it about, well actually approximately, 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5." ~ 3rd Graders

As my daughter says the saving feature, she doesn't realise that it automatically does that though. So that is actually a nice feature that it does save where they are at. 

It is a great way parents are winning because your child can still be on the computer like they want, but they are learning. I like that you can log in to their lessons from your parent portal instead of having to log out and then log back in. 

The graphics are great. There was no lag in any form in their product which is great. 

I highly suggest this to parents. In fact, you can try a free trail here or go straight to subscribing. I suggest going to just registering because unlike other programs we have done, this one is keeps my kids entertained and doing well. 

Online Reading & Math Program for K-5

Asa who helped in assisting account preparations was great about helping me resolve any issues. This is also from the vendor themselves: "Note that the program is a supplemental program (not a full curriculum) aimed at both homeschoolers and kids in public school (after school, summers, etc).  Subscriptions are sold on a monthly or annual basis.  Up to 4 students per account."

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