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Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name

There is now a video gift that you can give your kids called Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! by CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts that we get to review for you, just in time for the Holidays.

I have reviewed them in the past with their products. My daughter still has her name meaning plaque in her room on top of her dresser. And my scouts have their cards with the meaning of their names on it. It was a crossover gift for them. A crossover is when a cub scout crosses over the bridge and becomes a boy scout. It's a very big deal in the scouting world. 

But for this, this is the first time we are reviewing a video product with the meaning of names in it. So we are excited to do it.

I will say, with it being a new product for even them, they definitely took their time to make sure it was a good product. But when we got it, not only did they deliver the product well and with an explanation in the text, they also did something HUGE.

What is that huge thing they did?

They noticed in my son's artwork, that he had keywords that were repeated that they weren't sure what they meant. Now because the artwork was based on a video game, it was words that if you read them alone without knowing, could be concerning. So the fact that they were astute enough to notice that and care, is huge and even more to be able to email me as the parent to check in about it and let me know so I can check in with my child. Not all companies do that and to have a company care enough not just about their product but also about the people receiving the product, speaks immense volumes. So thank you!

You can see their video here about what the whole product is:

The finished product is emailed to you and is NOT on Youtube, so you don't have to worry about privacy. They send the finished video product to you through email. I got mine and it was 28 minutes long. So it's not a super short video that is made for your child. 

You can download it or watch it straight in your email. I am glad it wasn't a password protected video where the code you get means you can only watch it once. The reason for this being is that I want to gift this to my son for either his birthday or Christmas -- both of which are in December. When I got my daughter's plaque, that is what I did and honestly, she appreciated it much more as a gift then just getting it. 

I also have to give them props because my kids don't have the easiest names to know or find because I made their names up and have never met another kid with their name with the exception of my eldest son. So for them to be able to see and know that and take that challenge on, was great. 

About the Video: 

Cartoonish music in the beginning, like what you would hear at the beginning of a young kids' cartoon online. It's cute. 

When it starts it goes to a treasure chest with the first and last name of the child. 

I really like that they have the child's name written all over the room-- on the pillow like you would if you had a personalised pillow, the wooden blocks spell his name, on the box that says, "belongs to...". etc. What is REALLY cool about this is that it is naturally done so I can see any kid lighting up when they see their name on everything. Sort of like this: "Oh, look mum! My name is on the box. Oh Oh, and on the pillow too!" 

And even more, something that I love about the many name placements is that each one is written in different size and font and naturally place. It shows the kid what their name looks like in different fonts. I could easily see a video like this being made for my daughter turning into asking if she can have ten different pieces of paper so she can practise writing her name in all the different styles. Not sure my son will be the same way, but I could see it being a great handwriting and art lesson for him. So it provides some cool inspiration. 

Then his artwork suddenly flies through the window. It will be interesting to see how much he recognises it since it wasn't done yesterday-- though it is recent. 

What do I mean by "his artwork"? 

Well, when you sign up and fill this out, you can submit pictures and artwork to be added in as well as a letter from the parent(s) on how their name was chosen. How cool is that for a personalised gift?

The pencil comes alive and calls your child by their nickname and talks about their artwork! Says how wonderful and colourful it is. That is super cute. 

Then the pencil says "it's missing one thing- your name" and it draws and spells out the child's name on the artwork. That's pretty cute and teaches them to write their name on their work-- something I have been trying to teach my kids for the longest time. 

The pencil says the meaning of his name and then says that he must be a right-handed pencil-- that was super cute. I would suggest having him say next after that, "what hand do you write with?" While most are right-handed, my son actually happens to be a left-handed person.

He then wants to make your drawing into a rocketship. 

It's got the feeling of Handy Manny & Little Einsteins in one.  And my kids loved both when they were younger. 

There are some verses from the Bible put in there and they aren't overt which I appreciate but even if  a parent is a believer of Christianity, I would urge them to not assume that the kids are. While some Christian parents choose to try to get their kids to be Christians, not all do and want their children to choose their faith. So I would encourage them to email the parents and ask to pick verses they want to include or not include any. Just to be safe. 

Pencil goes from a bedroom to outer space, to a treehouse. 

I love the cute little video and saying the shooting star was playing hide and seek with humans. LOL. 

I LOVE the Owl in the treehouse -- he talks about the origins of his name and talks on the subjects a family tree and how he got his name from his grandfather. It's a good thing to bring up when talking about names because then it can lead the child to ask about how they got their name. And how to tell stories about their families and how to make a family tree. 

It's cute too because they used my son's name as a punch line in a joke when Owl asked the Pencil if he was a talking pencil and then realised he was a talking Owl. Then he said, "well, that explains the spelling bee I saw yesterday." And then a bee comes in and spells my son's name. Super cute! 

Owl explains how names have meanings in a historical perspective and that is cool. And then they show you the origin of your name and what it means. 

My son's name has an African origin and so Owl talks about the dialects of the area, the countries, and their native animals and things that they are known for. I really like that part of this video too because it teaches children more than just the meaning or origins of their names but about the places from which their names come from. 

Owl does a great job in explaining the meaning of the name can come from many places. 

So, Pencil goes to Sheep, to help the child understand the meaning of their names. Then Owl comes with a letter from  "mum" or me and it shows the home address of the student or child. That is really cool because they also show how it's supposed to look as addressed properly. Not a skill always taught these days. 

The letter from mum, or me, is the story about how he got his name. The interesting part to this all is that they didn't pronounce the word "chill" correctly, which was interesting. And I was surprised because it mispronounced one of the names that my son's name comes from, which is an English name. So it's interesting but my guess is that it's simple reading tool that doesn't always pick up on little things and since it's a computer reading it, it isn't always pronounced 100% correct. 

Overall, the video is VERY WELL DONE and I think those really young kids, especially those between the ages of 3-8, will really like it. I am sure my son will like it. But also think that it would be great to have a simpler religious aspect to it and the more religious aspect to it. Meaning, allowing parents to choose more of how Christian they want the video to be. And knowing that you can have the same video and have options just like choosing the end keepsake photo. 

I definitely recommend the video esp for a gift and especially for my more Christian friends. 

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